Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Items Already In Your Closet


So, can we just talk about how Halloween can get really expensive? The candy and decorations are just the beginning. Instead of spending even more cash on an outfit, go for DIY Halloween costume ideas with items in your closet. These options will not only save money, but time as well.

I mean, do not get me wrong. Halloween is the best holiday of the year and there is no doubt about that. But when you are trying to live a minimalist lifestyle or save more money, it does not hurt to work with what you already have. It feels really satisfying to use something in a totally creative and different way. Heck, you might even rediscover some old favorites in your closet.

Below are 15 ideas to get you started. Of course, do not feel constricted to the curated items. Tweak the look according to what you have on hand. Do not underestimate the power of makeup, too. With the right approach, you can even create Halloween costumes using only makeup. Remember, this time of the year is an opportunity to stretch your imagination.

With these costumes, you can save those pennies for awesome fall activities. Oh, and pumpkin spice lattés, obviously.

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Autumn is basically synonymous for plaid shirts, boyfriend jeans, beanies, and boots. In other words, the perfect lumberjack get-up. Throw these items together and carry around a (fake) ax or log.

You'll Need: Plaid shirt, $20, Hollister; Jeans, $24, Hollister; Hiking boots, $45, 6pm



To take on the cowboy look, reach for a paisley bandana and cowboy boots Wear the bandana as a headband or around your neck. Own a cowboy hat? Toss that on, too.

You'll Need: Plaid shirt, $20, Hollister; Paisley Bandana, $7, Wilson's Leather; Jeans, $24, Hollister; Cowboy Boots, $53, 6PM



Give your summer straw hat one last "hurrah" with a scarecrow outfit. Pair it with a plaid shirt, denim jeans, and boots. Finish the look with "stitched" makeup.

You'll Need: Plaid shirt, $20, Hollister; Straw hat, $17, Old Navy; Jeans, $24, Hollister; Brown Leather Boots, $59, Zappos


Rosie The Riveter

No one does it quite like our girl Rosie. Year after year, her classic bandanna and denim ensemble steals the show. All it takes is these three basic pieces.

You'll Need: Denim button-down shirt, $20, Aeropostale; Denim jeans, $20, H&M; Red paisley bandana, $8, Kohl's



Cat costumes are just as simple to throw together. Go for black, leopard print, or faux fur clothes. Don't have cat ears on hand? Glue paper or felt to a headband.

You'll Need: Black tank top, $12, Amazon; Black jeans, $10, H&M; Cat ear headband, $5, SheIn


'90s Britney Spears

Fellow '90s kids will appreciate this nostalgic throwback. Don't forget to style your hair in pigtails, too. Extra points if you have furry or pink hair ties.

You'll Need: Gray cardigan, $26, Zaful; White button-down shirt, $20, H&M; Black flared skirt, $13, Romwe; Black over-the-knee socks, $5, Aeropostale



Stripes will always be in style, along with black and white. There's a good chance you have at least one striped shirt in this color combo. With a black beanie and black jeans, you've got yourself a burglar costume.

You'll Need: Black and white striped shirt, $22, Amazon; Black leggings, $21, Kohl's; Black beanie, $14, Luxury Divas



If you're all about the overalls trend, pair it with a yellow shirt and black gloves. Black gloves will keep your hands toasty all night, too. This costume would be especially adorable for a group of friends.

You'll Need: Yellow t-shirt, $26, Land's End; Denim overalls, $60, Boohoo; Round glasses, $10, Popmap; Yellow beanie, $8, Amazon; Black gloves, $6, Kohl's


"Smartie" Pants

Come Halloween, the puns become the star of the show. This "Smartie" pants costume is no exception. Simply tape rolls of Smarties to your pants and you'll be the life of the party.

You'll Need: Jeans, $10, H&M and Smarties. Lots of them.



Don't tuck away your summer clothes just yet. An airy tunic, caftan, dress, or skirt can be used as a rad hippie costume. Pair it with your favorite printed headband and layer on the jewelry.

You'll Need: Printed bohemian dress, $40, Chicwish; Floral headband, $5, Aeropostale; Round sunglasses, $28, Selfridges


Holly Golightly From 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'

In chic and classic fashion, Holly Golightly's Breakfast At Tiffany's look is easy to emulate. You can literally take a work dress and style it with a few accessories. Finish it off with a high bun and red lipstick.

You'll Need: Black dress, $29, Sans Souci; Black elbow gloves, $24, Luxury Divas; Layered pearl necklace, $34, Humble Chic; Black cat eye sunglasses, $6, Boohoo; Black kitten heels, $24, Amazon


Bulletin Board

This is so corny, but so good. A brown t-shirt with sticky notes is just too easy. To fully play the part, write Halloween-themed messages on each note.

You'll Need: Tan t-shirt, $5, Amazon and Sticky notes, $5, Amazon


Sandy From 'Grease'

Off-the-shoulder tops were all the rage this summer. Why not turn it into the iconic Sandy from Grease costume? If you can, curl your hair in tight ringlets. Complete the look with bright red lipstick.

You'll Need: Black off-the-shoulder top, $23, Lulu's; Red heels, $49, Zappos; Black high-waist skinny jeans, $20, H&M


Freudian Slip

It's no secret that slip dresses have made a serious comeback. If you're all about this '90s trend, turn it into a "Freudian slip" costume by taping on random words. Done and done.

You'll Need: Slip dress, $10, Target


Pink Shirt Girl Emoji

Guys, this is as simple as it gets. Just wear a pink shirt and strike an emoji-inspired pose for every photo. Hopefully, you'll find some fellow emojis while you're out on the town.

You'll Need: Pink long-sleeved shirt, $14, Amazon