DJ Pamela Katz On Pursuing Your Passion In NYC

Fashion stylists and models are often associated with the darkened runways or bustling photo shoots they inhabit. But Pamela Katz, who has done both while moonlighting as a DJ, is actually most at home on the sun-speckled sidewalks of East Village, walking her English bulldog, Dexter. The historic neighborhood and the surrounding Lower East Side are revered for influencing a generation of rock 'n' rolling musicians, as well as for inspiring counterculture styles that came to define the '70s and '80s.

So it’s pretty fitting that Katz, an effervescent New York native with a knack for curating feel-good tunes, calls the creative area home. In partnership with Rimmel London, we had Katz sport their Stay Matte Collection from day to night, as we followed the 24-year-old around on a typical day in the life.

“I wake up and work out — or try to — every morning,” Katz says. “And even if I don’t work out, I put on my tracksuit. It looks cute, and I feel like I’m working out."

Starting her day with a simple makeup routine, Katz's beauty look gives off major '70s vibes, albeit it's less "Lower East Side punk" and more "California cool."

“I always like to look golden,” Katz says.

Katz is wearing Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation.

Most mornings, though, Katz prefers a simple makeup look, applying moisturizer, foundation, and thick brows. "I use a primer before every look that I do," Katz says, "and being that I’m not putting on so much blush or bronzer, it’s kind of easy for me to leave it on and know it’s going to stay."

That's important considering Katz's busy schedule. Model casting calls, DJ sets, brand collaborations, and downtime with her fiancé, Ryan, all leave little room for touching up between appointments.

But even though her days require endless arranging, her personal style is much less meticulous. As effortless as her approach to beauty, Katz's look remains timeless yet on-trend with aviator readers, leather jackets, combat boots, and tracksuits regularly on rotation.

Katz grew up pining for an earlier generation’s style, opting to craft her own looks from vintage pieces rather than chase down the trend of the moment. “I’m the type of girl who asked her mom to save all of her clothes growing up because I don’t think that stuff’s going out of style,” Katz says.

Her tendency to create unique looks led to three years filled with freelance styling and modeling post-graduation. Showrooms, castings, and meet-ups with future collaborators became her new norm. For the past year, she's been DJing.

"That started because I was recognized by my manager, who saw that I, according to him, 'had one foot in the door, and even my other foot in the door.'" Three months later, Katz was spinning at fashion brand events.

But while fashion and music are two of Katz’s biggest passions, people get a lot wrong about what the roles actually mean, she says.

“My friends will be like, ‘Oh my God, you’re on set all day styling? That’s the coolest thing ever!’ Meanwhile, [the stylist] is on the couch having a chicken Caesar wrap,” Katz says. “But it’s actually the best thing that’s happened to me because it taught me to do everything without her.”

Same goes for DJing, Katz points out. "People are staring at you, and they’re listening to you, and if you don’t play a song as soon as that other song ends, you’re the entire party," she says. "So it looks fun and easy, but I think it’s a little more intimidating than people assume."

Still, the demands of the jobs are worth it when you’re following your passion every day. As Katz says, "I feel like people would be so much more successful with what they’re doing if they were true to what they actually loved — and not what society wanted them to love."

This post is sponsored by Rimmel London.

Images: Liam Goslett; Art Direction: Jenna Wexler; Design: Liz Minch; Hair: Marcos Diaz; Makeup: Tiffany Patton.