Dani Just Shared Some Super Wise Thoughts On Her Living Arrangements With Jack

Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

Love Island 2018 gave us some amazing couple-ing ups. Kaz and Josh. Megan and Wes. Georgia and Sam. But no pairing was more iconic that Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer, who are the last couple still flying the flag for love... right?! Well, maybe. There have been a great deal of rumours lately suggesting the pair have ceased living together. But is this even true? Do Dani and Jack still live together? And what does it mean if they don't?!

I've reached out to both Dani and Jack's reps for comment on the couple's living situation, but haven't heard anything yet. I'll be sure to update you if word comes through. However, this is one rumour that may actually turn out to be true. While it sounds as though the couple are still very much together, Dani appears to have confirmed in an interview with The Sun's magazine Fabulous that her and Jack no longer live together in their flat.

The article in question reports:

"When the lease came up on the flat [Jack and Dani had] been renting together in Wapping, east London, they decided it was a good opportunity to put the brakes on and get their own places."

Dani then goes on to state: "Jack didn’t want to live in Essex and I didn’t want to live in south London so we thought we’d both get our own places and live between them."

The 23 year old continued, referencing the pair's short break up, which occurred back in December: "We’re building [the relationship] back up slowly. We’d both moved out of our areas and to Wapping together, where we had none of our home comforts."

She finished:

"It’s nice to have my own company sometimes. I can watch what I want — when Jack’s there, he puts all these bird programmes on. When we buy a house, then we can decide where to live, but for the time being we’ve got to grow."

So, it sounds like Dani and Jack both have their own flats, but still pretty much live together between both places while occasionally enjoying their own space.

So what exactly were the pair's reasons for taking some space apart? Judging by Dani's comments to Fabulous, it seems as though the relationship was perhaps going a little fast. When asked by interviewers if it was "a case of too much too soon," the star replied: "Yeah. It was really mad. My nan was like: ‘You’ve only been together six months!’ That’s not normal for a relationship."

Jack and Dani momentarily split in December 2018, when Dani shared the following message on her Instagram: "Jack & I have sadly decided to part ways. It’s been an incredible 6 months and we will always have a place in our hearts for each other but sadly, we have come to the realisation that it is not meant to be long term."

Shortly afterwards, however, the pair reconciled, as Hello magazine reports, and have been together ever since. Phewf!