Ashley & Kevin Could Be The Next Engaged 'Bachelor' Couple

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

After seasons and seasons of seeing Ashley Iaconetti heartbroken on various Bachelor franchise shows, it's finally turning around for her. This season of Bachelor Winter Games, she's totally hit it off with Kevin Wendt from The Bachelor Canada. But do Kevin and Ashley get engaged on Bachelor Winter Games, or are they just a winter fling? So far, it seems like this couple has real potential.

So far this season, Kevin and Ashley have been pretty much inseparable — at least, since he figured out that he actually doesn't have feelings for Bibiana after all. Even though, in past season, we've seen things fall flat with Jared Haibon and Wells Adams on Bachelor In Paradise, it's pretty obvious that her luck has changed. Ashley and Kevin are always together on the show, and they got pretty steamy during their Ghost-esque pottery date on Tuesday night's episode.

But do they have enough chemistry to last after the show is over? Since The Bachelor's official twitter account for the winter games tweeted that one couple from the show will be getting engaged during the finale, someone's going home with a brand new rock on their finger, but, so far, it isn't clear who. Could it be Ashley and Kevin who decide to spend the rest of their lives together?

Right now, it seems like they could still be together — or, at the very least, they're still on good terms after the show. Ashley's posted a few photos on Instagram that indicate that she and Kevin are in each other's lives now that filming has ended, including one from their one-on-one date Tuesday night... and her caption definitely makes it seem like she's remembering their time together doing pottery in Vermont pretty fondly. She called it one of her favorite parts of the season, which is a pretty big deal. That could mean something, right?

And as for Kevin? Well, he's reposted a photo that Ashley posted on her account — of her and Bibiana pretending to fight over Kevin. He accompanied it with the caption "no comment," which is definitely... interesting. What does it all mean?

They're not exactly dressed for the winter-y conditions in this photo, so it was likely taken after the show ended (and on Valentine's Day when they were spotted hanging out). Ashley and Kevin definitely seem to be hanging out post-Bachelor Winter Games, but nobody's spotted a ring on her finger just yet. Then again, she probably wouldn't want to give that kind of spoiler away, anyway.

Kevin's also posted a bunch of other photos from his time on the Bachelor Winter Games, and not only does it seem like he's still friends with many of his fellow cast members, but maybe that experience had a big impact on his life? Like maybe, found the love of his life kind of impact? Only time will tell... and fortunately, the finale isn't that far away if you're feeling extra curious about how this thing turns out in the end. (It all ends Thursday.)

Even if they're still together after the show, though, it doesn't mean they're engaged. Winter Games' filming was incredibly short, so it's obviously a lot of pressure to put on a new relationship... and it's not like Ashley and Kevin are the only couple on the show this far. They could be engaged right now, yes, but it might be a different couple, too.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. And in the meantime, it'll be fun to see where this relationship goes. After all, a happy storyline is different for Ashley. It's gotta end up going somewhere good.