Raven & Adam Put Off Moving In Together For Just One, Very Practical Reason After 'BiP'

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 is already packed with drama and the new arrivals, along with guest visitors, only add to it all. The trailer for Season 5 revealed a few familiar faces and given that Colton and Tia are the centerpiece this season, it was just matter of time before they called in Tia's bestie to offer some advice. Yes, Raven Gates is coming to Paradise and she's returning with her bae, Adam Gottschalk, whom she fell for on Season 4. They're from different cities, so after defining their relationship post-BiP, and proceeding to be one of the cutest Bachelor Nation-born couples to date, you may be wondering if Raven and Adam live together now. They've mentioned in the past that it has been a goal of theirs for a while.

As outlined in a previous Bustle report, the happy couple have had longstanding plans to move in together. However, they knew it wasn't going to be an easy process, considering Gates owns and operates a small fashion boutique in Arkansas called Grey Suede. "I was supposed to move the first part of my closet last weekend, but I didn't," Gates said during a Q&A on an episode of The Bachelor. "It's not that we want to be long distance, it's that I have a job in a brick and mortar store, and there are a lot of things I have to do. So instead of moving in with him last week, I took the week to stay with him and completely redo our online website so that I can prepare."

Since then, the couple has only grown closer, continuing to work toward moving in together. There are even speculations that they'll be getting engaged soon (maybe on Season 5 of BiP?!). Adam told Glamour back in September of last year that it would be hard to put it all on a timeline. "It’s in the future, but the thing is with a good, thriving business [like Raven’s], it’s very hard to put an exact timetable together," he said. "It’s hard to stop your lease and what you’re doing and move out of nowhere. I think it’s going to happen gradually in stages. She’ll travel for a week at a time, slowly taper down that, and she’ll always have an online presence because that’s where a lot of her business comes from."

According to Grey Suede's website, the business is still based in Arkansas, and according to her Twitter, so is Raven. But it looks like she may have at least started that gradual move to Dallas to be with Adam for good. On July 13, she tweeted about making room for herself at Adam's bachelor pad while cleaning out his, yes, toothbrush drawer:

She elaborated on said drawer and assured followers that their toothbrush storage situation was 100 percent sanitary, which is important. She even used the words "our" toothbrush drawer, rather than "Adam's."

According to a report from Us Weekly, the two have settled in together since then, and Raven is loving it. “I’m really obsessed with Adam. I’m just really happy to be with him,” she said during an appearance on The Morning Toast. “I really do feel, like, butterflies talking about him. He at first was, like, so obsessed with me, and now I’m so obsessed with him. I’m calling him from work, like, ‘When are you coming home? Are you home yet? Can you come home early?’”

As if that's not cute enough, there's no telling what adorable surprises they have in store for Bachelor in Paradise viewers. Hopefully, one has something to do with Adam putting a ring on it down in Mexico.