Do Stunt Resumes Actually Work? 13 HR Managers & Career Experts Weigh In On Out-Of-The-Box Job Applications

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Every so often I'll scroll through my LinkedIn news feed to find a post from a hiring manager asking for people's opinions on either a hilarious brutally honest cover letter or a super creative resume that they've received. As with anything, people tend to really love these type of stunts, or find them super obnoxious. But in a world where there are more people than there are jobs available, you want to find ways to get noticed by the people who will hire you. So how does one do that? For some, that means going the extra mile and sending in that unique stunt resume or cover letter.

"Stunts can work if you have the skills to back them up," Alina Basina, global head of talent and human resources at Jobbatical, tells Bustle. "Otherwise, stunts are just fun, somewhat annoying time-wasters.

A 2016 CareerBuilder survey of 2,100 HR professionals found that over 40 percent of hiring managers spend less than 60 seconds on one resume before moving on to the next. That's not exactly a lot of time to make a strong impression. Unless, of course, you're like the Reddit user who sent in a Lego resume package for an internship back in 2014, or the visual designer who sent in a pizza box with her skills listed on the delivery's "receipt." People can get super extra when it comes to things that are important to them. What's more important than doing all you can to land your dream job?

We all know just how important a good resume and cover letter are to landing a job or just getting that initial phone interview. So it's only natural for you to want to stand out. The thing is though, no matter how great the content is, typically traditional cover letters and resumes are kind of, well, boring. But do these type of Lego-building, pizza-making, stunt cover letters and resumes actually work? Here's what hiring managers and career experts have to say:  


Ashley Batz/Bustle

Ashley Batz/Bustle

So, do stunt cover letters and resumes actually work? Well, the big takeaway here is, it really depends. Every hiring manager is different. Some find it cute when you hand deliver a box of doughnuts to their office, and some will have you escorted out by security. Also, some positions require a different set of skills that could be showcased really well in a more unique resume. So it really depends. But I will say this, if you do take the time and effort to make an out-of-the-box resume, some employer out there is going to see your passion and really love it. Just keep going, and you'll definitely find the right place for you.