A 2017 Golden Globes In Memoriam Segment Is Needed

by Allie Gemmill
Greg Doherty/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Looking back on 2016, there has been so many profound celebrity deaths over the year that have affected Hollywood and fans alike. With awards season approaching, there's hope that we'll remember them properly. Will the Golden Globes have an In Memoriam segment? It's the first major awards show of 2017 (it will air on January 8) and it would make sense that the occasion would include an In Memoriam segment.

Unfortunately, it would appear that the televised Golden Globes doesn't feature an In Memoriam segment. The Golden Globes, which is run by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, typically honors those celebrities we've lost during the year solely on their In Memoriam page on the Globes website. There's a comprehensive list of those who have passed away currently available for viewing, if you're curious. The In Memoriam page (or any other section of the website) fails to mention whether there will be a change of pace by including a televised In Memoriam segment during this year's show on January 8.

The fact that the Golden Globes will not feature a televised In Memoriam segment feels a bit weird, right? The Oscars and the Emmys both make sure to devote a portion of their ceremony to remembering celebrities who have passed away; the Golden Globes is of the same stature and importance as the Oscars and the Emmys, so why doesn't the former follow suit? Considering the sheer amount of famous faces we've lost in one year, I think that this Golden Globes practice should change for the 2017 show.

There are more celebrities that we've lost in 2016 than I'd care to list. Actors, writers, producers, directors, musicians, and so many more, all of whom contributed to film and television in a meaningful way. I know that they will be honored at some point in 2017, but I also think that the Golden Globes has an opportunity to set the standard. Their 2017 ceremony should break with tradition and take a moment to reflect on who we lost in 2016. It would be so meaningful.