Kylie Cosmetics' Kylighter Has A Lot To Offer

by Augusta Statz

Kylie Cosmetics has come a long way. Since releasing the immensely popular Lip Kits, the brand’s also branched out into glosses, eye products and now even highlighter. The first eye shadow palettes to ever come from the brand came without a mirror, but Kylie Jenner makes improvements with each and every release. Do the Kylighter compacts come with a mirror? Get ready to glow on-the-go!

The first two sets of Kyshadow came with only nine shadows in each palette. But, the Royal Peach range, came with a 12 shadows, a mirror and a brush, so Jenner’s definitely upgraded as far as her packaging is concerned. So much so, that now, even single highlighting shades come with a mirror for easy application. You never know when you’re going to need to sweep even more shimmer across your cheeks, so this really is a nice addition, if you ask me.

Kylighters come in six different colors and are sold in their own individual containers for $22 apiece. Considering you’ll get a decent amount of product, a mirror and a whole lot of shine, the $22 price point seems fair. And it’s a good thing they're affordable because you’re likely going to want to add a few of these shimmering hues to your collection, if you haven't already! They became available to shop at exactly 6 p.m. ET/3p.m. PT on Feb. 28, but have already sold out online. Jenner will surely restock these products (and hopefully soon!), so be ready to add these shades (and their handy dandy mirrors) to your cart as soon as they're in stock again!

Pigment, shine and a nice little palette to hold it all in? I'm sold (and so was everyone else)!

With all of these colors to choose from, it's hard to pick a favorite.

Each compact matches the shade it holds inside.

All in all, Jenner's created a product you won't be able to say no to, which explains why each hue sold out so quickly!

If you already added one of these to your cart, you'll be enjoying a killer glow and a mirror very soon.

To those of you who did manage to cop some Kylighter, consider yourself lucky! For everyone else, stay tuned for restock info!