This Legendary 'Doctor Who' Companion Just Said She's Open To Returning To The Show

Doctor Who/BBC

One of the best things about Doctor Who is that it's science fiction. So it feels like all rules get thrown out the window at all times. Like you know, characters who come and go, without much explanation. However, sometimes they make it clear AF that a certain star will absolutely not be coming back, by them either kicking the bucket or having their mind wiped or whatever. Meanwhile, the poor old Doctor carries on their lonely mission. What a downer. However fan favourite Bill Potts played by Pearl Mackie might well return to Doctor Who. According to her, it's just a bit too soon.

Can you hear that sound? That's the sound of queer women everywhere applauding such a notion. You know why? Well, Potts was the first ever queer companion the Doctor ever had. Sadly though for fans, queer or otherwise, she has not been hanging out in the Tardis since back in 2017 when she appeared in a Christmas special.

Potts only starred in one season (boo) of the legendary BBC show, alongside Peter Capaldi. Capaldi and Potts were absolute magic onscreen. Mackie spoke to the Radio Times about the role.

"I was happy to work with [Twelfth Doctor] Peter [Capaldi], and to do just one series was a gift".

Mackie reprising her role as Potts isn't actually the most far fetched idea. I guess the only question is, if Mackie is down with it.

"I think I need more time, to be honest. I still feel quite close to Bill. I need to miss her before I want to play her again, you know? I think I need to [do that] and find a way to add to her story before wanting to go back and play her again".
Doctor Who/BBC

OK so absence needs to make the heart fonder then? You can understand why she might want a little more time, especially as the role was such a big deal for not only the show but for some of its fans and she clearly wants to do it justice.

"This has happened a few times subsequently, but I'll always remember when a girl came up to me to say that she identified with Bill so much that it enabled her to come out to her family and without me she wouldn’t have been able to do that".

Having such a huge impact on so many people is something Mackie is (and should be) dead proud of.

"That's not something that I ever dreamed to do as an actress, but if I'm able to give support, even in a secondary way, to a community that is marginalised then that's wonderful and that is a fantastic gift to me".

Mackie has previously said she is up for starring alongside Jodie Whittaker's Doctor. Love interest, anyone? Whittaker is absolutely killing it as the first ever female Doctor, despite all the nay-sayers when she was chosen for the role.

Although the premiere date for season 12 of the show has not been released, the cast and crew have been busy shooting since the start of the year. Who knows, maybe we might see a little cameo from Mackie?