The Busbys Added A New Business To Their Busy Lives On 'Outdaughtered'

by Samantha Atzeni

When Outdaughtered returns to TLC July 11, the second half of Season 2 has the Busbys battling the "terrible twos," multiplied by five. Of course, Adam and Danielle are still holding down the fort with their respective family roles. But does Adam from Outdaughtered still have the same job?

One of the biggest concerns on the show is finances, which is a necessary discussion for a family with six children. Adam's steady job seems to be an important component to making sure the Busbys have everything they need financially. Aside from his series on TLC, Adam's LinkedIn profile lists his current position as a key account manager for Intrinsic Solutions and Sprint Safety, and he has been at the same company since 2006. While Danielle is the girls' caregiver at home, Adam has been tasked with being the sole financial provider. In an interview with People last year, Adam admitted that he sometimes feels the pressure of this role. Danielle added, "It’s been a big drop because I used to work full-time and we had two incomes coming in."

However, there may be some changes to Adam's career path and to the Busbys' incomes. Recently, they opened a spin cycle studio called Rush Cycle. Danielle posted the studio's grand opening on Instagram, but, according to The Inquisitr, Adam and Danielle have been promoting their new business through pop-up tents at various expos. Adam also stated that he will continue to work as a key account manager while running Rush Cycle with Danielle.

According to an interview with StyleBlueprint, Danielle described the new business as "me getting back into the groove of things." Adam and Danielle share the business with two other couples who are also good friends of theirs. With everyday expenses and future college tuition looming overhead, Danielle expressed her optimism for the business to succeed "because failure is not an option."

In January, CBS News reported on 2015 study that raising one child from birth until age 17 can cost parents about $14,000 annually, or $233,610. Of course, with six children that number is much higher. How much the Busbys are paid for each episode of Outdaughtered is not listed publicly, but howrichis.org estimates that Danielle Busby's net worth is $300,000. While the Busbys are honest on camera with their financial struggles, their actual earning power and joint net worth are still unknown. Part 1 of Season 2 of Outdaughtered featured multiple conversations on the struggle of raising six children and being financially secure. With six girls growing older, these conversations may continue in Part 2.

With a full-time job, a full-time family, and a full-time business, the upcoming episodes of Outdaughtered will probably feature the Busbys attempting to balance their many work responsibilities with raising their six daughters. In Adam's case, Rush Cycle may be a welcome addition to the Busby agenda.