Adam Busby's Job Supports His Big Family

by Alaina Urquhart-White

If there is one show that somehow manages to be both adorable and anxiety-inducing, it is definitely TLC's reality series Outdaughtered. The show follows new parents of quintuplet daughters, Adam and Danielle Busby. Oh, did I mention that they already have a five-year-old daughter as well? Obviously, insane shenanigans are abundant in their extremely packed house, but there is one detail that fans are very curious about: What does Adam Busby do for work? After all, can you imagine being financially responsible for that many humans?

Well, the parents are kind of cagey and vague about the specifics of Adam's job on the show. There is a lot of talk about finances in the series, because it is obviously a huge part of life with multiples. When Adam and Danielle were looking at new homes in one episode, Adam seemed particularly stressed when the subject of prices came up. Danielle told him that he would just have to get more business to help afford it all. So what does that exactly mean? Well, according to Adams Linkedin profile, he is the key account manager at Intrinsic Solutions and Sprint Safety. You don't know what that means either? Good. I did a little research for all of us.

I took a look at the company's website, and it looks like his job is pretty complex. From what I gathered, in layman's terms, it looks like they specialize in safety equipment for safety professionals. According to Glassdoor.com, the national average salary for a key account manager is around $81,176 a year. In the Houston, Texas area, where Adam is currently employed, the average is approximately $61,874. That is definitely a nice salary for a normal family, but I imagine the Busbys are pretty strapped financially with the amount of mouths that they have to feed on one income.

It must've been really tough for the Busbys to have to make such a huge decision about their finances when the babies came. Danielle was working full-time before she got pregnant with the quints, and made the understandable decision to stay home and raise her brood. As someone who has twins, I have to say sometimes it becomes even more out of your control when the decision to stay home is made for a you by your doctor when you get put on mandatory bed rest, like I did. With the rising cost of daycare services, it's almost impossible to have two incomes with multiple children. Luckily, they are likely making a good income for their participation in the reality series, which I'm sure is invaluable to them at this point.

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