Does Anyone Get Engaged On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 4? Things Could Be Different This Time Around

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Monday night marks the start of the most highly anticipated season in Bachelor in Paradise history. After the scandal that happened this summer, the hype around this season, and it's contestants, is unlike ever before. Paradise has proven successful for some couples in the past, but this season's shorter shooting schedule, due to production being shut down earlier this summer, might have fans wondering if there was enough time in paradise for engagement-ready relationships to actually develop. This bring us to the question on Bachelor Nation's mind: Does anyone get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4?

The trailer for this season gave us a look at all of the love, drama, and tears that we can expect, and judging by what the promo teases, it is totally possible that more than one person could leave with a Neil Lane sparkler on their finger.

This inside peak at the upcoming season dropped the "L" word more than once and fan favorites were seen professing their feelings in paradise. For example, Derek Peth, who vied for JoJo Fletcher's heart on The Bachelorette, was caught on screen telling Taylor Nolan, who competed on Nick's season of The Bachelor, that he is "absolutely falling in love" with her while the two were lying in bed. Derek was not the only one shown sharing serious feelings. Jack Stone confessed to the camera that he and Christen Whitney have real love and he can 100 percent see himself marrying her one day. Raven also joined in on the engagement buzz by looking at her ring finger during her confessional and saying, "I might get engaged."

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There is so much speculation surrounding the couples on BiP this season, but one couple in particular has been sparking headlines ever since shooting wrapped. At the end of July, a photo was released showing Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes holding hands while attending an L.A. Dodgers game with other Bachelor Nation stars Ashley Iaconetti and Jonathan Treece aka the Tickle Monster.

This photo seemed to spoil some of the fun that is to come on Bachelor in Paradise. During the promo for this season, Robby made this cryptic statement, "Amanda is beautiful and it's safe to say we we're off to a hot start but I love the idea of falling in love with Raven." The photo of the pair strolling around hand in hand seems to nullify Robby's pursuit of "the idea" of Raven (whatever that means) and most likely reveals that he ended the show with Amanda. What is unclear is if the pair left the beaches of paradise as an engaged couple or just boyfriend and girlfriend.

In an interview with Us Magazine, Amanda gave viewers some insight into the effect the shorter timeline had on relationships and said, "Since it was so short, nobody really took it as seriously this time." She also said that she could see some couples getting engaged on the show's live finale instead of Mexico and followed up with, "I can see it happening. Yeah, and they have time to date in the real world so it makes sense."


Amanda words seem to confirm the theory that the shorter shooting schedule might have affected the number of couples who got engaged in paradise this time around, and her idea of a couple getting engaged on the live show would be great for the drama factor.

We won't know until later this summer if Amanda idea comes true, but it is clear that this season of Bachelor in Paradise is going to be one for the ages.