BECCA's New Primer Is So Innovative

by Augusta Statz

You’ve never seen a primer like this before. Seriously, BECCA’s coming out with a brand new way for you to put your best face forward in 2017, and you’re going to want to get in on this action. Does BECCA’s First Light Priming Filter work on different skin tones? You’ll be happy to know this super unique formula can work for any and everyone.

Unlike similar products, this one does not come in a variety of shades to suit multiple skin tones. Instead, it’s one color that’s meant to work on a whole lot of different complexions. Now, I know what you’re thinking. A “one size fits all” kind of beauty method does not normally work out well, but this situation is a little different.

BECCA’s First Light Priming Filter is purple in the bottle and when you first pump it out and start to apply it to the skin. But, upon rubbing it in, the violet disappears and you’re left with a natural-looking radiance. And by the looks of it online, it does really work, no matter your skin tone! In case you’re wondering how this is possible, the brand’s here to explain it for you. “Our new primer is infused with Cool Light Technology that casts a violet light over the skin to brighten and even out imperfections.” OK, sounds good on paper, but let’s see it in action, shall we?

First Light Filter Face Primer, $38, Sephora

This is here to give a you a flawless canvas for makeup application.

It'll take you from tired to energized when you need it the most. Because we could all use a little help in that department sometimes!

First Light Filter Face Primer, $38, Sephora

And by the looks of it, it'll suit a variety of different skin tones.

It's purple pigment is absolutely gorgeous.


But thankfully, it goes on sheer.

And that's what makes it super wearable.

First Light Filter Face Primer, $38, Sephora

Once it's is blended in, you can really tell a difference. The violet hue is pretty much gone, but the shimmering aspect is left behind so your face will glisten in the light.

This is all you could ever hope for in a primer, and according to the brand, it'll be available to shop soon. Stay tuned for the official launch date because you won't want to miss the chance to purchase this item!