Swatches Of BECCA Cosmetics’ First Light Priming Filter Show How Unique The Formula Really Is — PHOTOS


2017’s just gotten started, and it’s already proving to be a great year for beauty. There are sales happening to kick off the New Year as well as a ton of product launches to look forward to. But, swatches of BECCACosmetics’ First Light Priming Filter will prove this to be most amazing item to enter your makeup routine in 2017.

According to the brand’s Instagram, their latest primer will be coming out soon. You may not be able to shop it just yet, but these photos are more than enough to get you excited for what’s to come. The product claims to brighten your skin so you’ll have a fresh face all throughout the 2017. So, if you’re thinking this year will really be your time to shine, BECCA’s proving you right!

This is an extremely unique formula. Not only does it have light reflecting crystals (which is exactly what will keep your skin will looking rejuvenated), but it’s also purple in color. Crazy, huh? If you’re feeling a little skeptical about using a purple shade as the base for your makeup, go ahead and take a look at it in action. Because these samples will show your that trying something new is the best thing you could ever do! New year, new you, right?

How stunning is this?


This is going to work wonders for your skin!

You can see it wet vs. dry here.

The difference is pretty incredible.

BECCA's making sure that purple will be your new favorite color in 2017.

Are you ready for a primer that hydrates and awakens your skin? You can def count me in!

No matter what ails you, First Light Priming Filter will be to the rescue!

Stay tuned for more launch info from the brand because you're going to want to scoop this up as soon as you can.