Beauty Vloggers Are Testing That Creepy Eyebrow Extension Gel & The Results Are Bonkers

For those of us who aren't blessed with thick, bushy eyebrows, there are a ton of beauty tricks to fake that full, filled-in aesthetic. From patient feathering with eyebrow pencils to stencils that help trace out a new shape, those with Pamela Anderson eyebrows have a lot of options. But every so often a gimmicky beauty tool hits the market that sounds promising in theory, but not so much in application. Enter the eyebrow extension gel that has captured the fascination of Instagram and has led a few beauty vloggers to test out. Created by the K-beauty brand Reallyyy, the gel first made its debut on Vogue Korea's Instagram account, where a video of what looked like hair trimmings in goo made its way in into their feed.

Garnering over a million views, the swatch showed a bushy line of rogue hairs, which are meant to fill in your eyebrows' bald spots. But does the product actually work, or is it just one of those things that are fun to play?

Who better to give us their honest opinion than the internet's most trusted vloggers? Both Manny MUA and NikkieTutorials, two of YouTube's best and greatest vloggers, tried on the eyebrow gel extensions and gave us the tea. And the verdicts were equal parts informative and downright hilarious. Check out their reactions below.

Manny MUA

Manny always brings the realness and gives his honest opinion on products, whether he collaborates with the brands or not. He began his eyebrow extension gel video by letting us know the questionable price tag involved, where the gel cost $25 (not so bad,) but also had a $25 shipping and handling fee attached (not so great.) When he scooped up the first glob he said to the camera, "Tell me that doesn't look like a chunk of cat hair." So far so good.

Interestingly enough, once applied Manny thought the product made his eyebrows look thinner than before, mainly because of how strong and wet the gel was. It turns into cement on your arches, and since it goes on so goopy it sticks your brow hairs together, rather than letting them be their own fluffy, brushed out units. Because of that, your brows look thinner than when they started. So it's a no for him.


Nikkie has much thinner eyebrows than Manny, so her video would be more representative of how the product would look like on sparsely-haired eyebrows. Upon opening the product, Nikkie swallowed and said, "It looks like Uncle Barry forgot to clean out the shower."

Going in, she had high hopes, but the end verdict was that while the product made her eyebrows look darker and harrier, it also made her arches seem more...wild.

"I'm just going to say it because we're all thinking it, but it looks like we cut some pubes and stuck them to our brows," she remarked.

Nikkie then said that, while she wouldn't recommend using the gel across the whole eyebrow, it might be nice to use it at just the beginning of the brow, to give it more of that bushy, natural look we try to achieve with an eyebrow pencil.

And it actually looked pretty when she tested that theory out. As you can see from the screenshot, the front of her eyebrows look more natural thanks to the harry texture. But, in the end she doesn't think it's worth it because it's super time consuming for such a minimal payoff.

While the product is fun to play around with, the gel extensions don't work quite the way you would hope they would. They either make your eyebrows look even sparser, or are super time consuming. You can save that $25 (plus shipping) and spend it on something else, according to these vloggers.