Instagram Is Obsessed With These Eyebrow Extensions In A Jar

Considering Instagram is home to some of the strangest, but creative, brow trends, it only makes sense that the next groundbreaking brow product becomes a viral sensation via the social media app. Causing a stir in the beauty sphere, eyebrow extensions in a jar are the latest product to get the 'Gram riled up.

From brow braiding to the squiggle brow trend to the recent holiday-themed bauble brow, there's always something funky going on when it comes to facial hair on IG. But things probably can't get any crazier than brushing on gel-based hair trimmings via the latest K-beauty brow product to make waves on social media.

"Try Reallyyy's eyebrow extensions to fill your empty brow area" read a Vogue Korea Instagram video post showing hair-like fibers being painted on the back of a hand. In the clip, a subtle arch formed in the shape of a realistic-looking brow in a matter of seconds, and it was a definite jaw-dropper —reallyyy, it was pretty magical.

The post has already garnered well over a million views, so it's obvious that beauty lovers are intrigued with the concept of brush-on brows. If the pomade sounds too good to be true, the mesmerizing clip will speak for itself.

The formula of the product isn't entirely new. Mascaras that coat your lashes with hair-like fibers to enhance your peepers already exist. Similarly, there are fiber-filled brow gels on the market, too.

But that doesn't make the concept of this K-beauty hit any less innovative. Applied with a thin lip brush like applicator, the trimmings spread easily. The translucent gel that holds the fibers dries down, and once it's locked into place, it doesn't seem to budge. Even after rubbing the product and brushing the hairs into formation using a spoolie, the fibers still don't move. That means you could not only have fuller-looking brows in an instant, but also brows that won't flake off or fade throughout the day.

Even if it isn't totally new, this brow gel is quite the game-changer. Brow grooming methods like tweezing and waxing aren't exactly ideal for those who aren't fans of sharp objects prodding at their face. And microblading isn't always an affordable option for fuller brows; not to mention, the process could easily freak anyone out.

So, these brow extensions in a jar just may be the next best thing for anyone who wants to up their brow game minus the pain. The process of painting the "hairy" substance over the gaps within your brows seems pretty fool-proof, so it looks like you don't have to be an Instagram brow expert to use it.

By now, you're probably convinced that you need this brow enhancer in your life ASAP. There's just one teensy weensy thing stopping you: this K-beauty gem isn't available stateside. Bummer!

Even though the product already has 1.3 million people awestruck, Reallyyy's brow-filler isn't on the U.S. beauty market. The level of interest in the product is there, however. So, who's to say that stateside brands won't soon consider introducing a fiber-filled brow gel to their beauty lines? Let's just keep all fingers and toes crossed that they do in the very near future.

For now, you'll just have to look to brow fiber mascaras currently available to get your furry caterpillars in check. Maybelline's Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer, Too Faced's Brow Quickie, and the micro-fiber filled Benefit Gimme Brow are just a few hair-like fillers that can get the job done.

Still, nothing is quite like the Reallyyy eyebrow extensions that hopefully make it into the mainstream beauty sphere really, really, soon.