Here’s What Most U.S. Airlines Will Charge You If You Want To Bring Your Pet On A Plane

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When you have a pet and you have to travel, you're stuck with the complicated choice to either board your pet at a pet hotel, leave them with a pet sitter, or take them with you (if that's even an option). While boarding your pet somewhere can be expensive and stressful, how much it costs to travel with a pet on a plane can often be far more expensive. That said, it's up to the airline to name the price for your pet's travel, and some airlines are far more reasonable than others.

With some airlines, you'll find that your pet's ticket is more expensive than your own. Considering the fact that if you have a small pet that fits in a floor-stowed carrier, you're giving up your personal space and carryons to accommodate them, it's outrageous to pay such a high price for your pet to travel with you. What's more, most airlines have a maximum number of pets that they permit to be on board for each flight, so if you book your ticket late, there might not be any more room for pets allowed. Yes, really, some airlines actually won't even let you take your pet with you on your flight, even if you are willing to pay that high price.

If your dog is flying in cargo, aka your dog is too large to fit in a carrier in the cabin, the price is a bit more reasonable, but the health risks for your pup are higher. In fact, during the warmest months of the year, this service is suspended for safety reasons. Here I've broken down the price to travel with your pet by airline. Remember, in order to bring your pet on the plane, you also have to have a pet health certificate which is a document that your vet must issue within two weeks of your departure. The cost of this certificate can be close to the price of a regular vet visit, which easily brings the cost of flying with your pet into the flying with a human range, so make sure you have extra money saved for that, too.


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It's $125 to bring a maximum of one pet with you on your JetBlue flight. There's a limited number of pets permitted on each flight, so book early. Pets are not permitted to fly on flights to Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, the Cayman Islands, or Trinidad & Tobago.

Alaska Airlines

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As a part of Alaska Airline's Fur-st Class Care program, your pet can stay with you in the cabin or on cargo, both for $100 each way. There's a limit of two pet carriers per flight in the cabin area so make sure you book ahead of time. Acceptable pets include: dogs, cats, rabbits, approved birds.

American Airlines

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On American Airlines, it costs $125 per kennel to have your pet in the cabin with you and $200 per kennel in cargo. American Airlines offers a few more pets per fight than other airlines, and has less restrictions for where you're allowed to fly with a pet.


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For a domestic flight, Delta Airlines charges $125 each way. For flights to Brazil, the charge is $75, and all other international flights are $200. Delta limits the number of pets per flight and accepts on a first come first serve basis.


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Frontier Airlines is one of the most affordable airlines for traveling with your pet as they only charge $75 each way and often allow multiple pets per flight.


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Southwest only allows pets in the cabin and the flat rate is $95. If your dog is too large to fit under your seat, you cannot fly with it on a Southwest flight as they do not allow pets in cargo. The only exception to this rule is if you have a certified service dog, which is allowed to travel with you in the cabin, regardless of its size.