James & Lisa Chat Again On ‘Pump Rules’

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

And on this week in Tough Love With Lisa Vanderpump, the former disc jockey of the Sexy Unique Kingdom asked the ruler of SUR and PUMP to give him another chance. It did not go well for the DJ. On Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, James met with Lisa Vanderpump to apologize for his past transgressions, ask whether she'd ever consider giving him his DJ post back, and let her know he wants to make up for all of the times he got drunk and yelled at people while on the clock.

Alas, James's mea culpa goes south when he says he “f*cked up.” As much as Lisa appreciates a good expletive, she was none too pleased when James went all of three seconds before dropping an F bomb. After reprimanding him for his language, she insisted that giving him the axe was the dose of motivation he needed to get his life straightened out. She called him an “arrogant little punk,” and added that she does not hire arrogant little punks. James countered by calling longtime SURver Jax is arrogant little punk, Lisa said Jax is not an arrogant little punk, James said Jax is in fact an arrogant little punk, and Lisa got mad at James for insinuating she is lying about whether or not Jax is an arrogant little punk. I waited for Jax to stick his head into that private SUR dining room to get in on the arrogant little punk debate, but it never happened. Ah well.

Here's a shockSUR: The meeting did not end with Lisa telling James he could have his job back. Instead, she let him know she would not be rehiring him anytime soon. And with that, she sent James on his merry way.

Anyway, if your New Year's Eve plans involve going to PUMP/SUR and crossing your fingers for a DJ James Kennedy sighting, you might want to rethink 'em. You can still go to PUMP/SUR on NYE, but uh, don't expect to see James. At all. Because he won't be there. He'll be in Dallas. Here is proof:

I can only assume there will be a James-shaped void at PUMP on New Year's.