This 'GOT' Trailer Quote Could Be Bad News For Jon Snow

by Caroline Gerdes
Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

After what feels like an eternity, new episodes of Game Of Thrones are just around the corner, with Season 7 premiering on July 16. The episodes are so close, you can almost taste them. And here to whet your appetite a little more is a brand new Game Of Thrones trailer on June 21. But, there is one ominous line in the teaser that has fans concerned, again, about the fate of Jon Snow. Will Jon Snow die on Game Of Thrones?

In the new trailer for Season 7, Sansa says, "The lone wolf dies but the pack survives." What does this mean? Jon is the character who's ever referred to as a lone wolf. The Stark family's emblem is a wolf. The Stark children have symbolic Dire wolves. Does this narration mean Jon will die for real this season? In short, probably not.

Jon dying on what is still the heels of his resurrection is just bad writing. In my opinion, the character needs to survive at least just a little longer to make that whole storyline worth it. Otherwise, it dilutes some of the surprise and power of his close call.

So what does the whole "lone wolf" comment mean then? I think it could mean two possible things: First, that one of the Stark children will die. So watch out Sansa, Bran, and Arya. Second, the narration could be about what the Stark family has already gone through, losing Ned, Catelyn, Robb, and Rickon.

Personally I don't think it's likely that the "lone wolf" Sansa refers to is Jon Snow. But fans will just have to until July 16 to find out just what — and who — she's talking about.