Why Jon Snow Will Die Again On 'Game Of Thrones'

With just two seasons left, all of your favorite characters on Game of Thrones are in danger — even the ones who were already lucky enough to come back from the dead once. I have a feeling before Seasons 7 and 8 come to an end, Jon Snow will die again, and this time for good. Just the thought of losing Jon again fills me with dread, but let's face it, he is far too noble for this world.

Everyone knew Jon would survive the Season 5 finale because his death was way too anticlimactic. Since the moment he arrived on the scene brooding over his illegitimacy, it was clear the future Commander of the Night's Watch was the hero of the piece. Being the hero doesn't guarantee you a long life though, and while Melisandre's magic saved him once, Jon's days are numbered.

It has always felt like Jon had a distinct purpose in life, the kind people in Westeros write songs about, but a happy ending simply doesn't appear to be in the cards for the secret Targaryen. Game of Thrones has dropped hints Jon's big death is imminent — and if Jon Snow dies again, you can bet this time around it will be a way bigger deal than it was when his Night's Watch brothers betrayed him.

Here are 11 signs Jon Snow won't make it out of Game of Thrones alive.

1. Azor Ahai Only Has One Real Purpose

If Jon does turn out to be Azor Ahai reborn, then his rebirth is tied directly to fighting off the darkness threatening to engulf the realm. In other words, Jon is meant to lead the battle against the White Walkers — not become the next ruler of Westeros.

2. The Kings In The North Never Live Long

First there was Ned, the Warden of the North, who ended up beheaded. Then Robb was declared King in the North, and he was shot with arrows, stabbed, and then beheaded. After that, Ramsay Bolton became dog chow after crowning himself king. Basically, taking command over the North is a death sentence, one way or another.

3. He's Close To Finding Out Who His Mother Was

Ned promised Jon he would tell him who his mother was when he saw him again, but the Stark patriarch was executed before that could happen. However, thanks to Bran's ability to see (and interact with) the past, Jon is close to finding out he is the son of Lyanna Stark. Once he finally knows where he came from, Jon will have a sense of closure he's never had before, and that's just one more sign his story is coming to an end.

4. He's Way Too Trusting

Jon is in a precarious situation in the North. Having Sansa by his side should be a plus, but it puts him in direct conflict with Littlefinger. If there's one thing every Game of Thrones fan knows, it is Littlefinger is hazardous to all of the Starks' health. And poor Jon trusts his sister so blindly, he may not be able to keep Littlefinger in check.

5. He's A Warrior, Not A King

Jon is a fighter, and while he would be a fair ruler, it's not the role he was born to play. He's a warrior, and he's more likely to die with a sword in his hand than with a crown on his head.

6. He's Used Up Too Many Lives

Jon survived an illness when he was a baby, his time beyond The Wall, the Battle of Castle Black, the massacre at Hardhome, and the Battle of the Bastards. Add in the time he actually came back to life, and it becomes clear the show can't keep dropping Jon in these dangerous situations without lasting repercussions.

7. The Night's King Is Coming For Him

Having the leader of an army of ice zombies gunning for him is not exactly promising for Jon.

8. Ygritte's Death

Ygritte's final words were ominous — not the "you know nothing, Jon Snow" part, but the bit where she tells him they should have stayed in the caves. Her death certainly seems like foreshadowing of more pain to come for Jon.

9. He's Literally A Dead Man Walking

Is Jon even fully alive? So little is known about the magic that brought him back, and how Jon is dealing with the inner turmoil of coming back from the dead. His death could in itself be a harbinger of Jon's ultimate fate.

10. His Direwolf's Name Is Ghost

In the very first episode, Jon named his closest companion Ghost. There's no way that was just a metaphor for how Jon felt in his own family.

11. He Told Melisandre Not To Bring Him Back Again

Jon warned Melisandre to let him stay dead if he ever falls again, and his words are sure to come back around before the show's final hour.

Only time will tell if Jon makes it out of Game of Thrones alive, but his prospects aren't looking good.