All The Clues 'Vanderpump' Star Katie Maloney Doesn't Actually Work At SUR Anymore

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Katie Maloney-Schwartz has been working for Lisa Vanderpump for way longer than Vanderpump Rules has been on the air. But right now, she's at a breaking point. In the Dec. 16 episode, she gave Lisa an ultimatum: either James Kennedy goes, or she does. So what's the verdict? Does Katie still work at SUR in 2018?

Ultimatums are never a guaranteed way of getting what you want, but at this point, Katie doesn't have much of a choice. (Then again, as she pointed out, she issued an ultimatum to her now-husband Tom Schwartz to propose and it worked, so maybe she just has better luck than the rest of us.)

Anyway, SUR’s resident DJ and self-proclaimed "white Kanye West" body-shamed Katie — again — during the Season 7 premiere. James tends to do that — when confronted with an issue or something that he did wrong (in this case, allegedly cheating on his girlfriend, Raquel), he lashes out at literally everyone around him. Here, after SUR's gay pride party, he called Katie fat, saying that the shorts she was wearing weren’t "working for her."

This isn't the first time James has commented on Katie’s body — in fact, it's one of many. Today, Katie is in a place where she isn't upset by his words; she doesn't base her worth on a drunk DJ's hissy fits. But she is pissed that she has to deal with this while she's on the clock. It's not a healthy work environment.

From the looks of next week's episode, Lisa might fire James (again), but if she does, it's short-lived: James tweeted as recently as Dec. 9 that he's still spinning sets at SUR. But whether or not Katie is still at SUR is harder to figure out.

A scan through her Instagram and Twitter has virtually no signs of SUR — just one old photo of all of the SURvers, past and present, at one of Lisa's famous photoshoots. Katie is active on Twitter and Instagram, so it's not like she's gone dark and hasn't updated what she's up to. Right now, she and hubby Tom just got back from a trip to Japan, which looks pretty nice.

Now, the lack of SUR pics doesn't mean that Katie has resigned as a SURver. Most people don't regularly take pictures at work, so it seems perfectly normal that Katie would save the 'gramming and tweeting to times when she's, you know, actually having fun — not serving goat cheese balls to tourists.

If Katie did leave SUR, though, it's a step in the right direction for her. Last season, she talked extensively about hating herself and trying to feel like herself again post-accident (she fell through a skylight many years ago and had some serious injuries), and she's finally in a good place again. Leaving SUR because she feels like it's a toxic environment for her would be a strong, empowering move for herself, and it's commendable. Katie standing up for herself is important, SUR or no SUR.