Lala Stops By The 'Pump Rules' Reunion

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Guess who’s back, back, back? Back again, again, again? Lala’s back, back, back. Tell Andy Cohen, Cohen, Cohen. On the first installment of the three-part spectacular that is the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion, the ex-Pumper returned (again). A few episodes ago, Lala popped up on the show for the first time in weeks to tender her re-SUR-gnation. She’d abandoned her job at the restaurant (and on the series) without warning, so she wanted to clear the the air with Lisa Vanderpump. And on Monday’s episode of the Pump Rules reunion, Lala got a chance to clear the air with all of the other Pumpers. Especially Katie.

Here's an understatement for you to chew on: Season 5 was not easy breezy for Lala. As if the rumors about the Range Rover, the rumors about the NDA, and the rumors about the secret boyfriend weren’t enough to deal with, her remarks about Tom Schwartz and Katie only added to her situation. As far as drama was concerned, her plate was beyond full.

All things considered, Lala’s reunion cameo went… pretty well? It took some time, some yelling, some name-calling, some more yelling, some Jax and James Kennedy having a laugh together, some accusations, and even more yelling before we got there, but Katie eventually apologized to Lala and accepted Lala’s mea culpa.

Um, this is huge. Katie and Lala really ended the episode on good terms. I don't know how long these positive vibes lasted, but hey, they happened.

Apparently, some months before the reunion, Lala attempted to offer up an apology for the "blob" jabs and the remarks about Schwartz. Katie said she wasn't emotionally prepared to to accept Lala's original olive branch, but now that she was in a better headspace, she was ready to move forward. Katie accepted the original apology and then told Lala she was sorry for calling her a “whore.”

“I’ve waited a long time for just one of them to say ‘I’m sorry for hurting your feelings,’” Lala replied, adding that she’s working on reining in her own “vicious” mouth. Katie interjected to let her know they have that in common. Lala cried, Katie cried, and the rest of the cast applauded the breakthrough.

When I watch this clip, I almost forget about all of the shouting that came before it. Almost.

Lala and Katie made nice? Jax and James Kennedy cracked up together like old pals? Andy Cohen forgot about Kristen? What'll the Season 5 reunion think of next?