Raven & Nick Have Serious 'Bach' Chemistry

Drew Cason/ABC

Raven and Nick have some serious chemistry on The Bachelor, but does that mean Raven will have sex with Nick on The Bachelor? I don’t know, but I kind of hope so. Raven admitted early in the episode that she’s never had an orgasm before — she’s been intimate with one man, and he could never take her to that other place. This whole “never had an orgasm” thing makes perfect sense to me, because Raven also said that she’s only been intimate with one person, and that was her last boyfriend, which also happened to be the guy she caught in bed with another woman. Not strange that a man who would cheat on you would also not be concerned with your pleasure in the bedroom, either.

I’m not saying that this responsibility falls on Nick to give Raven an orgasm (she should take the “do it yourself” rule to heart), but talking about sex before you have sex is smart and kind of hot. Honesty is hot, and if these two are starting out this way, I’m digging it.

These two have definite chemistry, but even if they don’t have sex, it’s not a big deal. Sex can happen whenever it happens, whether it’s on the first night you meet or the night of your wedding. Whatever! Raven and Nick will make their own decisions in terms of having sex, but the fact that they’re talking about it is great.