Raven Just Might Win 'The Bachelor'

Drew Cason/ABC

Although there are still four women competing on The Bachelor, Bachelor Nation already knows only three women could possibly win at the end of Nick Viall's season. With Rachel out of the running since she's the next Bachelorette, could Raven win The Bachelor? She's up against Corinne and Vanessa, but as Nick and Raven's relationship has been pretty drama-free so far, there's a good chance that this Arkansas girl (well, woman) could end up the winner. If you're trying to avoid spoilers and just want to see what clues exist on the internet about whether or not Raven wins The Bachelor, I can tell you from experience, you won't find anything too definitive. Yet, despite this lack of evidence, there are enough reasons that their relationship seems like it could succeed not only on the show, but also once the cameras stop rolling.

Even as a person who thinks that Vanessa will most likely win, I wouldn't be upset in the slightest if Nick chose Raven when all is said and done. I originally thought I wouldn't like Raven when she listed faith, family, and football as the three most important things in her hometown (sorry, I'm a Northeast gal all the way and don't get that southern life), but she won me over almost instantly and has been a breath of fresh air for the show. After already bonding with Nick's family, I thought they had the best hometown date during the Feb. 20 episode. Along with their relationship appearing so natural (and fun!), her family was also completely accepting of their situation. There are enough obstacles when it comes to finding love on The Bachelor, so knowing that these two would get along with each others' families is a huge win.

Another reason that Nick and Raven's relationship could successfully continue post-Bachelor is because of her career. Although Raven does seem to appreciate her small-town life, she owns a boutique clothing store in Jonesboro, Arkansas. If Nick didn't want to live in Hoxie (and let's be real, he's pretty famous, so he might not want to), Raven is perfectly set up to continue her career elsewhere. For example, opening another branch of Grey Suede in Los Angeles or a different city would be a great way to expand her career. As Vanessa's sister indicated during the hometown dates, the special education teacher might not want to leave her life in Canada, but Raven moving for Nick could work. Actually, rather than it being a stressor on their relationship, it may lead to more success for her. And isn't that what a good relationship is all about? Both people thriving in their lives in and out of the relationship?

Although it's not very romantic to talk about the practical aspects of love, that's the stuff that makes or breaks a couple once the show is over. So, the fact that Raven and Nick seem to be the most compatible when it comes to real life is a good sign for Raven winning. Unfortunately for Raven fans though, Nick will follow his heart (as he's been doing all show long) when it comes to choosing the winner of The Bachelor — and the heart usually doesn't care about what makes the most sense.