You Can Now Order Red Lobster Straight To Your Door — But There’s A Catch

by Brittany Bennett
Red Lobster

It doesn't have to be summer for the craving for popcorn shrimp to strike — it can happen in the dead of winter too. In those cases, you might find yourself salivating at the thought of Red Lobster's version of the dish — but you also may not want to trek out in freezing temperatures to satiate your need for fried bites of fish, which is reasonable. Well now you may not have to. If you ever wondered to yourself around dinner time "does Red Lobster deliver?", I have some good news: NYC residents can finally enjoy the restaurant's flawless Cheddar Bay Biscuits — including every other item on the menu — from their couch. In a partnership with Grubhub, Red Lobster is now testing delivery service in the big apple so that you can enjoy shrimp cocktail in your warm wool slippers.

In the Northeast, temperatures can drop dramatically and often require multiple layers of insulation to ward frostbite from your freshly manicured and constantly moisturized hands. New York City dwellers know to bury every bit of themselves under long sleeve shirts, cable-knit sweaters, flannel scarves, and puffer jackets that essentially mummify you from head to toe before stepping faux fur clad foot out the door. At the end of the day you just want to unravel on your couch with only two of the 10 layers on. New York City, living rooms become personal restaurants as the temperature drops and the Grubhub orders begin to surge.

As another NYC winter descends upon the 8,550,405 of us residents of this non-stop gotham can still cling on to the cuisine of warmer seasons. All you need in order to get Wood Grilled Lobster, Shrimp and Salmon to your apartment's welcome mat is log on to your GrubHub. No need to delay your date with your couch and Netflix after work. Hurry on home to your GrubHub account and enter your Red Lobster order. Popcorn is always a great accompaniment for a movie, but what if you could have ~popcorn shrimp~ instead?! Your staying-in-for-the-night game just got upgraded.

President of Red Lobster, Salli Setta, shared her excitement with the new test delivery service in New York City, saying in a press release that the service, "give[s] our guests a convenient, new way to enjoy our delicious, freshly-prepared seafood." She continued, "Delivery is a platform that is becoming increasingly popular, and we think there is an opportunity to offer this service to our guests who may not be able to enjoy an in-restaurant experience but still want a great seafood meal." Red Lobster gets that New York City is a round the clock kind of town but doesn't want you to go without a salmon dinner. Or, you know, all of those drool-worthy Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Red Lobster

And even if you're not running home after work, treat yourself to a seafood party table — I mean, desk — of one. Let's say that you forgot your mason jar lunch in the fridge as you ran out of the house with one boot on. New Yorkers never cross platforms to endure extra subway rides just to retrieve a lunch left behind. Leave that to be tonight's dinner — Red Lobster has your back with classics such as Shrimp Linguini Alfredo, Hand-Crafted Garlic Shrimp Scampi and Crunch-Fried Fish Sandwich. With lunch menu options like that, you might be "forgetting" your homemade lunches at home more often.

Start filling your digital cart with seafood delights as of Oct. 23 in NYC. Chowing down on fish tacos is no longer reserved for hotter months that have us wrapped in beach towels. With this new announcement, every New Yorker can continue enjoying the crunchy bites of a fish taco while wrapped in a winter blanket. While I would love to stay and chat more about the Red Lobster menu offerings, I have a cart of GrubHub to stock with seafood sides.