Gen Z's Fave Form Of Flirting Might Make You Reconsider Those Dating Apps

by Alice Broster
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With the development of dating apps and new social technologies, what once seemed like a pretty forward act is now — thankfully — totally normal. And social media is a good way to get something going between you and your long-term crush. But does sliding into someone's DMs actually work? A new study has revealed that a lot more may be going in there than you first thought, with over half of Generation Z-ers saying they have used DMs to sext at least once. However, private messages and social media are not just the playgrounds of the younger generation. It turns out we're all getting in on the action, taking advantage of new technologies to improve our sex lives and get what we want. And I'm so here for it.

The 2019 SKYN condoms Sex & Intimacy survey found that a quarter of the people they spoke to had met sexual partners through social media. The survey, which looks into the sexual practices, beliefs, and desires of the public, found that social media plays a pretty fundamental role in the sex lives of many.

Overall, 50 percent of respondents said they had used direct messages on social media to sext. More specifically, 54 percent of Generation Zer’s who responded said they had used DM’s to sext and get a little hot under the collar with someone.

Digging a little deeper into sexting, SKYN also found that bisexuals were more likely to sext than their heterosexual counter parts, with 69 percent admitting they had sexted at least once compared to 47 percent of straight respondents.

It's sad, but I can’t imagine a world without social media, texting, and instant messaging. It's so ingrained in our day-to-day lives that it begs the question: could you give it up? I'm not so sure I could.

When asked whether they would rather give up sex or social media for a year, 41 percent of female respondents said they would give up sex over social meda. I mean.. I suppose twitter is very entertaining? In comparison, 29 percent of male respondents said they would give up sex in order to keep their social media accounts.

Now, let's break it down by age groups. When asked whether they would rather give up sex or social media for a year, 67 percent of millennial respondents said they would give up social media. However, Gen Zer’s seemed to find it more difficult to give up social media, as only 55 percent said they would give up social media over sex.

While Instagram may be seen as a thing for the young, it would seem social media is playing an increasingly bigger role in everyone's love and sex lives. With dating apps connecting you to any potential suitors in your area, and your social media crush being just a DM away, social media and apps seem like the method of choice right now. But which would you give up: sex or social media? Now that's something to think about, isn't it?

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