Here's Why Jennifer Lopez's Massive New Makeup Line Is Missing One Major Product

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In two days, you can get that J. Lo glow. The Jennifer Lopez x Ingot cosmetics collection arrives on Thursday, April 26. It's a massive assortment of 70 pieces, including eyeshadows, highlighters, lip gloss, lipstick, bronzers, false lashes, brow fillers, and eyeliner. Since Lopez can serve up a lewk like no other, fans are stoked about replicating her shimmery and glimmery glow with these products. But one thing is noticeably absent from the J. Lo x Inglot collection and that's foundation. Since a smooth and dewy canvas is a key component of Lopez's signature face, what gives?!

Allure got the scoop straight from the source. At an afterparty in her dressing room after one of her Las Vegas residency shows, Lopez told the publication (and a few others) to basically trust her process. Foundation is on her mind and in her plans — but all in due time.

"This was a color capsule I did for them, but I'd love to eventually get into skin and complexion," she explained. "I'd rather take it slow, do it right, and let people know that they can count on me, that when I put something out I'm not just putting my name on it. I want the product to stand for that."

Who can fault the singer, actor, dancer, former American Idol judge, and Kohl’s designer for doing so? No one!

The consummate multi-hyphenate is committed to putting out a quality product. She is not dipping her fingers or toes into the foundation world until she is ready. She wants the final product to be right — and that could include everything from the formula to the coverage to the inclusivity and shade range. The latter is a critically important factor regarding beauty launches in 2018. Since Lopez is Latina, she will likely want to make sure she creates lots of shades that represent a wider variety of women and their unique skin tones.

That was actually Lopez's mindset when she created nude lipsticks with Inglot. Not all nude lippies are created equal nor do they compliment every skin tone. You have to consider personal undertones, warmth or coolness of tone, and be careful to select a shade that pairs well with your natural lip tone without washing you out.

"I don't think there's one shade of nude," Lopez told editors assembled at the afterparty, according to Allure. "I think there's a different shade of nude for everybody that really makes you look beautiful." #Truth.

J. Lo totally gets it. It's this mindset and philosophy that makes us confident that a Lopez-backed and created foundation range will be ace AF... if and when she actually creates it.

Remember, J. Lo x Inglot does include bronzers and contouring kits so you can customize your glow and sculpt your features. So there's that! Also, Kylie Cosmetics and ColourPop didn't get into skin products upon launch, either.

Scott Barnes, Lopez's longtime makeup artist, also reiterated to Allure that any foundation his glamazon client creates would provide that signature, much-desired, and oft-sought J. Lo glow. Because yes!

Lopez worked on this collection for a year. She hasn't been rushing and there's no need to change that methodology now.

Women's Wear Daily also previously reported that this collab is planned for a year and will include new product drops.

Therefore, fans need to enjoy the wide range of J. Lo x Inglot color products when they launch and to build some patience while waiting for an extension. That could includes additional shades and products, like foundation. We shall see.

So there is plenty of J. Lo-approved lewks in your immediate future.