Donald Glover Fans Invaded A Pro-Trump Subreddit To Honor The “One True Donald”

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images / Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

One of the popular MAGA corners of the Internet has — until recently — been "The Donald" discussion forum on Reddit. But that subreddit, as they are called, has been under attack from fans of a different Donald. Donald Glover fans taking over "The Donald" on Reddit have moved it from a pro-Trump page to pro-Glover.

Fans have been posting content on Glover and his musical alter-ego the Childish Gambino. Then they upvote it, which is similar to a "like," to drive it above anything related to Trump.

And it's working. The subreddit has 16,900 subscribers and is "the place where we discuss in an unbiased manner Donald Trumps great contributions to modern society," as its community details currently read. But maybe not for much longer.

The top entry on the forum Tuesday afternoon was a picture of Glover, seemingly a black-and-white head shot. It has been upvoted 45,000 times. The comments underneath it show what the Redditors are thinking. One user, beerpop, wrote, "....ooohhh different thedonald." RazorRamonReigns wrote, "Make America Glover Again," making a joke on Make America Great Again, Trump's slogan during the campaign.

The Redditors are trying to make sense of things, too. "The sidebar talks about Trump though. Wonder if the mod doesn’t realize what’s happening," user brazzledazzle wrote.

Some get what's happening and are thrilled. "The Sub has embraced its true purpose, celebrating the best Donald there is,” user MetalIsDeadAndSoAmI posted. “He’s beautiful. He’s talented. He don’t talk soft (that’s that other guy). He’s crass. He says whats on his mind. He rose from practically nothing. The great Don Glover. Amen.”

What happens next depends on the moderator. If he doesn't interact over a period of 60 days with the subreddit, it becomes "abandoned."

Some of the pro-Glover users are hoping that is what happens so that they can officially take it over, changing the community details and more. harrisonisdead wrote, "The single mod has basically abandoned this sub, I doubt he'll ever be back to do any actual moderating. I'm just hoping he's inactive for another 40 days (he's been inactive for 20 so far) so we can request a subreddit takeover, but that will likely not happen."

Another user, cgmcnama, responded. "He is going to be so surprised what happened in his absence, lol."

For those putting up Glover in place of Trump, their inspiration could from his new song, "This Is America." Its video depicts gun violence and blackness, all the while noting that "This is America" over and over. Pitchfork's review of the music video reads:

Glover trots through a warehouse dancing and gunning people down; seamlessly transitioning between these activities, his face is inscrutable, hidden behind a smile. The video and song use the candor of trap to ground the rapture of black joy, and thus the ambivalence of the United States’ relation to blackness. “Are we your blessing or your bane?” Glover seems to ask. It’s an urgent and worthwhile question.

As for Reddit, even if Glover does officially take over this subreddit, there are others that are dedicated to the president. The "America First!" subreddit is one of the biggest, and it's also known as The_Donald. There are 610,000 "patriots" who subscribe to it.

The details of the community read, "The_Donald is a never-ending rally dedicated to the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump." For Glover fans to take this one over, they would need significantly more support than they currently have on The Donald.

One of the latest posts on the pro-Trump page is actually a satire of Glover's video. It seems the trolling goes both ways.