Don Jr. & Kim Guilfoyle's Midterms Ad Takes A Not-So-Subtle Jab At "Mainstream Media"

The Nov. 6 midterms are rapidly approaching and, as a result, a host of political ads aimed at influencing voters will be dominating the airwaves for the next week. Indeed, Donald Trump Jr. & Kim Guilfoyle's 2018 midterms ad was released on Tuesday with a very specific target for criticism — the "mainstream media." The ad encourages voters to cast a Republican ballot to counter what the couple perceives as an effort by the media to derail President Trump's initiatives.

The ad was released online by America First Policies, a super PAC at which Guilfoyle, Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, currently works as a vice chairwoman. On America First Policies' YouTube channel, the ad is entitled, "Don & Kim: 'Together.'"

The duo open the ad by introducing themselves. They then proceed to critique the mainstream media and others, with Guilfoyle saying, "The mainstream media and the liberal mob are working hard to stop President Trump." Trump Jr. then adds, "But we know that every day my father, our president, is fighting to keep his promise to the American people."

The ad continues with Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle encouraging voters to support Republican candidates on Election Day. The pair collectively deliver the following message, alternating who speaks with each sentence:

That's why we need you to fight for him. This November 6 we need every patriot to get to the polls. Let your voice be heard loud and clear. Vote Republican. Because together we will keep making America great.

Trump Jr. took to Twitter on Tuesday to promote the new political ad. He shared a link to the video and wrote:

We're ONE WEEK away from Election Day and @AmericaFirstPol is out with a new digital ad featuring @kimguilfoyle and me. Who will decide your fate? The mainstream MEDIA and liberal MOB? Or YOU? #VoteRepublican

The joint ad from Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle marks their latest foray into midterm campaigning, though the duo have been heavily involved in promoting Republican candidates and engaging in related fundraisers for quite some time. For example, Bloomberg reported on Oct. 12 that, since June, Trump Jr. has raised over $1 million for Republican candidates at 40 different events across the United States. More specifically, as Bloomberg noted, the president's son helped Senator Ted Cruz raise over half a million dollars in a one-week period. Trump Jr. has also engaged in fundraising for a variety of Republican political action committees, especially the America First Action super PAC.

Just last weekend, Guilfoyle and Trump Jr. embarked on an eight-city bus tour through Montana to campaign for U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosendale and U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte, as The Missoulian reported. Bloomberg also noted that Trump Jr., often accompanied by Guilfoyle, has previously held campaign and fundraising events in Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Michigan, and North Carolina.

Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle are clearly determined to try to ensure that Republicans secure victory in as many midterm races as possible in November. Moreover, they do not appear to be holding back when it comes to identifying who and what they believe lie counter to Republican interests, including the mainstream media.