Donald Trump Jr. Tweets About The Grammys' Hillary Clinton Cameo & Well, He's Not Thrilled

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When Hillary Clinton agreed to appear in a pre-taped segment at the Grammys, she probably expected to hear some criticism from her former political rivals — and they definitely delivered. One in particular who stood out was the president's eldest son, who never holds back on Twitter. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about Hillary Clinton's Grammys cameo appearance, and it will bring you directly back to the most tense moments of the campaign, when lowbrow insults were flying right and left.

"Getting to read a #fakenews book excerpt at the Grammys seems like a great consolation prize for losing the presidency," Trump Jr. wrote in his first tweet referencing Clinton's appearance at the Grammys, in which she, along with numerous other celebrities, read a segment of Michael Wolff's explosive Trump-focused book, Fire and Fury.

"The more Hillary goes on television the more the American people realize how awesome it is to have @realDonaldTrump in office," his second tweet read.

Trump Jr. has his own personal reasons for speaking out so intensely about the book. Fire and Fury made a particularly strong claim about him, as it included a bit by former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon, who referred to Trump Jr.'s meeting with various Russian officials at Trump Tower "treasonous."

Soon after the book came out, Bannon issued a statement saying that he had aimed the "treasonous" comment not at Trump Jr., but instead at former campaign manager Paul Manafort. Although he called Trump Jr. "both a patriot and a good man" in his statement, he did not directly apologize for having given the interview in the book, only for having responded to the media coverage of it too late. By the time Bannon made his statement, the Trump family and their allies had already distanced themselves from him.

Insulting Clinton on Twitter is not a new thing for Trump Jr., who has taken to alternatively criticizing liberals of all stripes and promoting the family business. While he has no political position and is instead the head of the Trump Organization along with his younger brother Eric, Trump Jr. has come to play an outsized role in the media's coverage of the Trump/Russia scandal. In June of 2016, he reportedly agreed to a meeting with numerous Russian officials after he had been promised damaging information on Clinton. Since that was reported in July 2017, Trump Jr. has not been transparent in explaining what actually took place at the meeting or what he told his father about it.

Trump Jr. has testified before Congress on the Trump/Russia matter, and he has denied all allegations of collusion. The transcripts of his questioning sessions have not been made public, however. Denying that the Trump team colluded with Russia is another frequent theme on Trump Jr.'s Twitter feed, as are allegations that Clinton was involved in one scandal or another. In fact, Clinton seems to be a fixation for both father and son; on her birthday in October of 2017, Trump Jr. even took the opportunity to belittle her for a tweet she had posted the previous year on the same day.

Clinton had posted a tweet with a picture of herself as a child with the caption, “Happy birthday to this future president.” Trump Jr.'s response was, "A year later the arrogance and entitlement in this tweet is exactly why it was never going to happen."

Trump Jr.'s Grammy-related tweets, then, fit directly into his pattern of behavior surrounding his father's former rival. And it failed to recognize one thing — although Clinton's Grammys appearance this year was only in jest, she's showed up before in a more serious fashion. In 1997, Clinton became the proud owner of a Grammy for reading her book It Takes a Village.

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