Donald Trump Jr.’s Tweet About Bill Clinton & #MeToo Wasn’t Exactly Self-Aware

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images; Tommy Vietor/Twitter

Bill Clinton's latest comments about the Monica Lewinsky affair have drawn a lot of attention in the Twitterverse, including from President Trump's oldest son, who never misses an opportunity to troll. On Monday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about Clinton and Monica Lewinsky — but dozens of Twitter users more in tune with the current political climate refused to let his snark slide.

"Did Bill Clinton just #MeToo Monica Lewinsky? I (almost) have no words," Trump Jr. tweeted. "Props for always being ahead of the curve as the first male to publicly somehow claim victimhood from his actions against women. Balsy [sic]! Stupid... but balsy [sic]!"

Trump Jr.'s misspelled attempt at trolling Clinton comes after a heated NBC interview in which the former president was asked whether he apologized directly to Lewinsky, the former White House intern. NBC's Craig Melvin asked Clinton if he had ever reached out to Lewinsky since he first publicly admitted to having an affair with her in 1998. Clinton replied with a definitive "no," and added that he did "the right thing" by not resigning from office after he was impeached.

While some may have enjoyed Trump Jr.'s "balsy" joke, there were others who indirectly referred to the multiple accusations of sexual misconduct leveled at his own father. Although the president has unequivocally denied all allegations of nonconsensual sexual conduct, his critics remain skeptical.

It seems like the same issue came up again on Monday, with former Barack Obama aide Tommy Vietor tweeting at Trump Jr., "Did your dad dictate [Clinton's] statement, too?"

Other Twitter users, like conservative politician Matthew Dowd, simply asked, "Seriously, Junior, when are you going to speak out against your father?"

While his typo may have just been that — a simple typo — some Twitter users could not stand that Trump Jr. failed at spelling "ballsy." This Twitter user nonchalantly stated, "There are two l's in ballsy."

Other Twitter users, such as freelance film writer Jason Bailey, advised Trump Jr. not to pontificate over the matter given the sexual misconduct accusations piled against his father. "Trust me, Fredo," Bailey said, "you should sit this one out."

Even people from the sports arena chimed in. Canadian basketball player Leo Rautins tweeted, "Every time you open your mouth or tweet your stupidity is on full display! Even with all the advantages — you are still at a disadvantage — with your inability to differentiate between common sense and your sense of entitlement!"

Some social media users just wanted to know if poor spellings were a shared family trait. After all, Trump and the White House administration under his presidency have raised eyebrows on more than one occasion when it came to spelling commonplace words.

For example, "covfefe," "the possibility of lasting peach [sic]," "council" instead of counsel, "unpresidented," "tapp" instead of tap, "no challenge is to [sic] great," and several other unmistakable misspellings may lead some observers to believe that spelling out words is not this administration's forte.

Time and again, dozens of Twitter users gave Trump Jr. terse reminders to avoid speculating on the topic but the president's son has continued to keep his tweet up for the masses. It doesn't look like the slam-downs will cease anytime soon. For many, it seemed as if the irony of Trump Jr.'s tweet was far too blatant and unbearable to ignore.

Perhaps this reaction was most obvious in one particular Twitter user's response; it was a straightforward question comprising a few words and nothing more. This person simply asked Trump Jr., "You know who your father is, right?"