You Can Win A Chance To Cover Up Tattoos Of Your Ex With Food For Valentine's Day

Kaley Cuoco got a moth tattoo to cover up her wedding date tattoo.
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Love may be fleeting, but tattoos certainly are not. And tattoos of your ex? Well, those are a special kind of permanent that reminds you “forever” is actually a really, really long time. Unless, of course, you cover those tattoos up. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, DoorDash will cover up that tattoo of your ex you’d rather not spend another holiday with. So, if you’re staring at some ink that reads “I Love Tony" wishing it said “I Love Tacos," this is just the contest for you.

DoorDash is partnering with tattoo artist Mister Cartoon to cover up three people’s regrettable relationship tattoos before Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t recognize his name, you’ve likely seen Mister Cartoon’s work as he’s tattooed everyone from Snoop Dog to Justin Timberlake to Beyoncé. Mister Cartoon estimates about 30-50% of the relationship tattoos he does end up back at the studio to get covered up. And yes, even celebrities cover up tattoos of their exes. What better way to cover up a temporary love than with a more permanent one? Thus, DoorDash and Mister Cartoon will replace your ex’s name with the one of your true love: your favorite food.

Mister Cartoon has created original tattoo designs for the contest, including tacos, sushi, and burgers. They’re cool! They’re creative! And most importantly, they don’t represent a relationship that’s come to an end. Burger love is forever.


Here’s how the contest works: you can share your tattoo story with DoorDash using their online form. Paint a picture with words. Paint a picture with an actual picture. Make a TikTok that showcases the bad tattoo of your ex’s name. Basically, you’ll need to show that you have a tattoo of your ex’s name explaining why you desperately need to cover it up with food.

If you’re feeling extra bold, you can enter the contest on Twitter or Instagram instead. Make sure your account is set to public, tweet a photo of your tattoo, the food you’d want to replace it with, and a brief description of the relationship story. Make sure to tag @DoorDash and use the hashtag #FoodisForever.

If you’re one of the three winners selected, you’ll get flown to L.A. to meet with Mister Cartoon. On Feb. 3, Mister Tattoo will cover up your tattoo with the custom food sketches you’ve selected. Voila! Susan is now sushi. Pete is now pizza. Fran is now French fries.

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During Valentine’s Day week, between Feb. 7 and Feb 14, DoorDash is also treating the first 100 people who post a photo of their own food tattoos on Twitter using the hashtag #FoodIsForever to a complimentary Valentine’s Day dinner! Or at least as much food as a $25 credit can buy.

DoorDash’s tattoo cover-up contest does have some fine print. Your existing name tattoo has to be between 2-5 inches. It cannot be overlapping with other tattoos. Also, your ex’s name has to be tattooed in a thin sans serif or script font. No blackletter tats, unfortunately. DoorDash will judge entries on two criteria: originality and relevance. They’re looking for entries that “surprise” and “delight” them, as well as “reflect the spirit of "Food is Forever.’” Time to cry on camera and sop up those tears with soft tacos.

The contest ends Friday, Jan. 31. So, if you’re trying to “Brenda” into some burgers, you’ll need to act quickly. You can enter DoorDash’s contest here for the chance to have your regrettable tattoo turned into the greatest love of all: food.