Someone Invented An App That Sends You Notifications When Free Burritos Are Nearby

Few foods have acquired a following burritos have comparable to that of burritos. It makes sense: there is nothing better than a burrito. They are one of the only foods that marries an array of textures and flavors in one portable package. Plus, a burrito is customizable; there are mix-ins for everyone. See? There is nothing better. Except, of course, a FREE BURRITO. So, send some thanks over to Dos Toros, because the up-and-coming burrito chain just launched an app called "Burrito Time" with the sole purpose of giving people free burritos.

Dos Toros is launching the new app on August 14. A press release explains that at a randomized time each day, the app sends a push notification telling users that it’s “Burrito Time,” prompting them to launch the app. The first ten users to open the app will receive a burrito card, good for one free burrito (before you ask, guacamole is included!). The free meal can easily be redeemed at any Dos Toros location in New York or Chicago. Unlike other app-based loyalty programs, Burrito Time does not include a menu or option to pre-order food. The app does one thing and one thing only: give away free burritos.

Dos Toros

Dos Toros (which translates from Spanish to "Two Bulls") Taqueria is a Mission-style taqueria with 18 locations in both NYC and Chicago. The menu offers everything you would typically find at a fast casual Tex-Mex place like burritos, burrito bowls, and tacos. But, there are two key differences between Dos Toros and its competitors. First, Dos Toros melts a layer of cheese on its tortillas before using them to wrap a burrito. This adds another layer of flavor and melty texture. Second, you can grab a quesadilla packed with freshly-grilled meats and veggies — something simple not offered by many of Dos Toros' competitors. Also, guacamole is only one dollar extra (50 cents for tacos).

Dos Toros was founded by brothers Leo and Oliver Kremer. Before embarking on the Tex-Mex chain, neither brother had any restaurant experience. Leo is actually a musician who did a two-year stint as a bassist with the rock band Third Eye Blind. Oliver decided to move out to New York to start the chain. It was a labor of love, Oliver explained, telling Nation's Restaurant News, "We grew up eating Mission-style burritos, and this is our homage to the places we grew up eating. We’re basically recreating that cuisine using amazing ingredients [from humanely raised animals fed vegetarian diets and not treated with antibiotics or hormones]." Natives of Berkeley, California, the duo hopes to get the East Coast (and midwest) hip to a hometown cuisine that is often overlooked by outsiders.

Though the chain only has locations in Chicago and New York City right now, but should the chain further expand, we're all going to have to add another hand to our clocks — "Burrito Time" is one that nobody will want to miss. The app is available on iOS and Android now. Happy burrito hunting!