Drake Breaks Adele's BBMAs Record

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Looks like a certain rapper just reached another musical milestone. At the 2017 ceremony, Drake broke the record for most Billboard Music Awards won in a single year. Based on the music from his 2016 album Views, Drake managed to take home 13 awards over the course of the night, from Best Male Artist to Top Artist — the final award of the night that cemented that he'd broken Adele's record of 12 awards, which she took home in 2012.

Even from the beginning of the night, it was clear that Drake was expecting big things from the BBMAs. Not only did he perform on the Bellagio fountain, just like one Britney Jean Spears did in 2002, at the height of her success, but he also managed to win 10 of his eventual 13 awards before the show even started.

And Drake rolled in with a sizable crew of supporters and collaborators. From Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, who sat by his side repping Young Money, to his father, who was outfitted in an electric purple suit, he brought a whole crowd onstage with him to accept the final award. And from flirting with Vanessa Hudgens to calling Nicki the "love of my life," Drake was in a pretty good mood all night long.

And backstage, after the show, Drake even took a minute to pose with Prince Jackson, who was the presenter who awarded him with the final trophy. In the video below, Drake looks pretty pleased with the show's outcome.

Drake even joked in a faux-British accent at the end of his acceptance speech. With a message to Adele, he said, "When the new thing drops, you'll ... get the record back." Could this be the start of a new, playful Drake/Adele rivalry? Since both artists are incredibly popular, they could be trading this record back and forth for quite a while.