What's Going On Between Vanessa Hudgens & Drake? They're Getting Flirty At The 2017 Billboard Music Awards — VIDEO

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Sunday night, Vanessa Hudgens co-hosted the 2017 Billboard Music Awards with Ludacris, but she happened to have a bit more chemistry with a different artist. Vanessa Hudgens and Drake were super flirty when he accepted his awards, so what's going on there? When he took the stage to make a speech after winning Top Billboard 200 Album for Views, he just so happened to mention how incredible she looks, completely unprompted. What is happening?!

To be fair, Drake's totally right — Hudgens did look incredible, but that's not the point. The point is the fact that he's been extra flirty all night (and not just with Hudgens, either). Is he just in a really good mood, as anyone who's winning awards would be? Or is he actually putting himself out there? It may be one mystery that will never be solved, especially since Drake's always had such a sweet and playful personality to begin with.

And even when watching the moment back in the footage below from the awards, it's hard to tell if Drake's just being complimentary or if he's actually flirting with her. Either way, Hudgens definitely didn't seem to mind... even if Nicki Minaj did.

Later Hudgens joked that she would be going to Drake's after party, because she was totally invited, right Drake? She also swooned that he "said my name." But, all the banter on her side was probably in good fun. As fans will recall, Hudgens has been dating Austin Butler for years. So for now, it seems safe to assume that they're just engaging in fun award show flirting...

Still, who knows what will happen in the future? I'll be keeping an eye out.