Drake's Reaction To His Young Fan Receiving A Heart Transplant Is Filled With Pure Joy

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Get ready to be all "in your feelings" yet again. Fans (and human beings in general) couldn't help being moved by the recent news of Drake's visit with an 11-year-old fan in a Chicago hospital. Before their meeting, Sofia Sanchez shared her two wishes: to get a heart for a transplant and to meet Drake. This week, Sanchez found out that she is getting a new heart after being diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, according to Billboard.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, cardiomyopathy is a condition that can lead to heart failure and require a heart transplant to survive. Thankfully, the wait is over for a new heart. On Monday, the Drake super-fan posted a video with the caption, "OMG !!!!!!!" In the video itself, Sanchez said a lot more:

"My birthday wishes are and it did happen. Well, one of them did: to meet Drake and that one did happen. And it was great. My other wish is to get a heart, which is gonna happen soon."

Off-camera, her mom said, "Well, guess what, it happened today. You're getting a heart. Congratulations." The 11-year-old girl couldn't help yelling, "I'm getting a heart, mom!" Understandably, she also let out an "oh my god."

Her mother asked, "Are you happy?" And of course, she told her, "Yes." Sanchez and her family aren't the only people who are ecstatic about the news though. Her favorite rapper couldn't help reacting to the big announcement. Yes, he does follow his number-one fan on Instagram and is keeping up with her progress.

The "In My Feelings" rapper liked the photo and commented, "YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! My love so happy for you." Obviously, she replied to her new BFF and told him, "thank you."

The little girl only wanted two things for her birthday, but they were both very major. Luckily she got the heart she needed and she was able to hang out with her favorite rapper. Not only that, but apparently the pair is still in touch, which makes the whole story even sweeter.

There are so many loyal Drake fans out there, but now Sanchez has a fan in Drake. That comment wasn't the first time that the rapper referred to her as "My love." Previously, Drake shared a photo from their meeting with the caption, "Me and my love Sofia talking about Bieber and Owls and Basketball." Does it get any cuter than that? He even added some blue heart emojis.

Justin Bieber's manager Scoot Braun commented on the photo with, "Can I meet bieber?" Sanchez replied to him and wrote, "yes I want to meet JB!!!!! Come visit me in the hospital. Pleeeeease."

Could Biebs be the next Canadian superstar to hang out with Sanchez in the hospital? Make it happen, Scooter Braun. It would be epic.

Drake also shared a photo of Sanchez beaming with pride while wearing a hat with his Scorpion album logo on it.

Sofia also documented the visit on her own Instagram. She posted, "Thank you so much for Coming," along with a photo of Drake laughing while she smiled with her Scorpion hat on. She also shared the selfie below.

There's no doubt that Sofia Sanchez has already been through so much at the tender age of 11, but things are finally getting better for her. She's getting the heart transplant she needs, she's friends with Drake, and maybe she will get to meet Justin Bieber too.