Drew Barrymore Breaks Some Amusing World Records

by S. Atkinson

In 1998, she won the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. In 2010, she scored a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress In A Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television. And now, Drew Barrymore has broken some Guinness World Records, which I think we can all agree may actually be the best award of all, you know?

When she appeared on Friday's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her new Netflix zombie comedy (zomedy?) Santa Clarita Diet, Fallon used his statement, "We all know you hold the record for being one of the coolest people in the world," to tenuously — but charmingly — bridge into a suggestion that the Never Been Kissed star break some Guinness World Records. Yep, for real: They even had someone from the organization in the studio ready to record the results.

So, what were the challenges? Most lipstick applications in 30 seconds, most paper banners run through in 30 seconds, and wearing the world's widest wig. And if there was any skepticism that Barrymore would manage to carry these challenges out, I mean, she scored her first job when she was 11 months old. And I mean, she already holds a record for being Saturday Night Live's youngest presenter when she hosted at age 7.

Obviously she killed it, because she's Drew Barrymore. And what can't she do, aside from not be awesome for a second? Not only did she carry out the challenges, but she carried them out with some serious panache — you've got to love her performing the can-can in that giant wig.

Sure, this might have seemed kind of a random thing to get Barrymore to do on the show. But honestly? She's been on the entertainment circuit for decades, which has entailed hitting all the talk shows. She's been asked every question under the sun, from "You pick out your own clothes?" when she was 7...

... to if she actually believed E.T. was a real alien when she was shooting the movie, to what shows she produces. The sheer joy with which Barrymore carried out those challenges with Fallon presumably testifies to her happiness at actually getting to do something new in a talk show situation.

So, let's hear it for Barrymore. No longer simply an actor, director, producer, model, and author, she's now a Guinness World Record holder who keeps inspiring the rest of us to keep overachieving along with her.