'Drunk Don Lemon' Resurfaces On New Year's Eve…

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You probably know Don Lemon best as a serious professional of journalism, host of CNN Tonight. He's earned a reputation as an informed, fair, and consummate expert of the modern news anchor format. But Lemon is making a different name for himself tonight, as he attempts to relive New Year's Eve pasts, when #drunkdonlemon became a thing. Broadcasting from New Orleans doesn't seem to be hurting his efforts, either, with Lemon appearing to indulge in the city's drinking culture.

Last year, #drunkdonlemon made its debut on Twitter, as the usually serious host let down his on-air inhibitions. The most attention-grabbing moment came when Lemon told Kathy Lee Griffin she had a "nice rack" on live TV. He also commented to his co-host, Brooke Baldwin, that he "got that bubbly."

And now, as 2017 nears, it seems that side of Don Lemon is back. In one CNN segment, Lemon and Baldwin are sitting side-by-side again, and Lemon takes a gleeful drink of something decidedly alcoholic before asking standers-by if he should opt for a tattoo or piercing this New Year's Eve. And to up the ante, Lemon tweeted out that said body altercation is scheduled to occur live tonight. Get excited.

But will that moment happen? After all, as of now, the last CNN has seen of Don Lemon featured him hopped up on a bar counter, personally pouring and administering tequila shots (one poured for himself, of course). Since then, CNN has yet to return to New Orleans. So it remains to be seen, whether or not Lemon will make it back on air before midnight. In the meantime, plenty of tweeters sent out their love for #drunkdonlemon.

Good luck to you, Don Lemon. Keep it classy there in New Orleans. (And get a big bottle of water and the Advil ready...)