Twitter Just Found Out Dua Lipa's Dad Is A Total Snack & It Just Can't Handle It

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No, those aren't police sirens blaring outside your window, that's my DILF alarm, and, y'all, it's going crazy right now. This time it is going off because of the darling papa of the absolutely talented and absolutely gorgeous Dua Lipa, Dukagjin Lipa. This guy proves that, sometimes, you just luck out in the gene pool. Anyhow, it was Dua Lipa's dad's appearance at the BRITs sent Twitter into overdrive and, y'all, have you seen him? Old Hollywood called. They want their leading man back.

So, not only was Twitter going cray, but Dukagjin's smouldering good looks were actually mentioned by the host of last night's ceremony, Jack Whitehall. Even going so far as to ask him to switch places with his own father.

Dukagjin is already famous in his own right, Glamour reports. He is much beloved in Kosovo, where Dua and her family lived when she was a child, and was a mega huge rock star back in the '90s. I know right? So cool.

Dukagjin moved himself and his family to London in 1992. However, the Lipas kept close ties with Kosovo, with Dukagjin and Dua organising a "peace-loving" music festival there in 2018, according to the Guardian.

Dua and her father are very close, and she revealed in an interview with the Guardian that she learned her work ethic from him, saying that he always told her "[y]ou have to work really, really hard, just to have a tiny bit of luck."

So, if his talent wasn't enough to drive the internet wild, it appears his ability to wear a suit and wear it well is like a flame to dynamite — explosive. Understandably, those who noticed it (aka everyone) took to their social media accounts to let loose and, y'all, scrolling through Twitter last night was an absolute treat.

Dukagjin's appearance seems to have gained him the well-earned monicker of DILF. Dad I'd like to (you know what).

He has found himself the object of a lot of people's affection.


So it seems like, potentially, Dua's dad is the best kept secret in showbiz. Secret's out hun, and I am not sure if he came to slay, but he slayed.

Yes, there were a lot of stars at last night's ceremony but, y'all, one man has ruled them all.

The sound of a whole country gasping at the same time is quite something to behold.

As is the temperature sky rocketing the second a person appears on screen.

Understandably, a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed at this moment in time.

Falling in love is an all encompassing OTT feeling that can make your head spin.

You know it is getting serious when the station broadcasting the show has to chime in.

OK OK enough with the comments on his appearance. It is important to remember that Dukagjin is also a stand-up guy, hard worker, talented musician, and above all — a real family man.