You Can Get A Toasted Gingerbread Latte At Dunkin' This Holiday Season

Dunkin's new holiday lattes
Courtesy of Dunkin'

The beloved coffee and doughnuts chain Dunkin' (now without the "Donuts" ending you may be familiar with from your youth) is ready for the winter holidays. Equipped with its largest holiday menu in the brand's history, Dunkin' is bringing back its classic Peppermint Mocha, according to a press release sent to Bustle. Because drinking candy canes with a dash of chocolate is every child's dream, it's now available for your grown-up morning joe. But that's not all Dunkin' has in store for your holiday season: Its Toasted Gingerbread Latte promises all the joys of ye olde gingerbread house, but in a cup on your morning commute.

Let's face it. Sometimes coffee alone is just not enough on these increasingly chilly mornings. The sun is rising later and later, and an infusion of holiday joy in your morning beverage is what the Toasted Gingerbread Latte is designed to give you. Complete with the flavors of gingerbread, marshmallow and chocolate, the latte wouldn't be complete without its topping of whipped cream, caramel drizzle and cinnamon sugar. (Dunkin' is also releasing Gingerbread S'mores for this holiday szn, so if you want to eat this latte as a pastry, you fully have that option, too.) It'll have all the tastes of that gingerbread house that insisted on collapsing (or getting eaten) before you finished building it as a kid, but with none of the construction hazards.

The gingerbread nostalgia will live on the Dunkin' menu alongside other new Signature Lattes. The Holiday Eggnog Latte will be flavored exactly how you'd expect (eggnog and cinnamon), and the Merry Mocha Mint Latte will combine the holiday goodness of the Peppermint Mocha. But the added splash of merriment in the Merry Mocha Mint will come from its mocha drizzle and hot chocolate powder. And if you're looking for some white chocolate to go with Dunkin's new Holiday Brownie Crumble donut, the Frosted White Chocolate Latte has got you covered.

All of these delights of holiday goodness will be available on Nov. 6 (a respectful amount of time after Halloween). But if you're looking to start your holiday season a whole day early, Dunkin' app users will be able to order the Peppermint Micha exclusively on the On-the-Go Mobile Ordering feature on Nov. 5. Because who doesn't want to be the coolest (or warmest, really) person in the office, having the holidays in your cup a whole day before everyone else?

Correction: A previous version of this article misstated the date the holiday lineup will be available. It has been updated to include the correct information.