Dunkin' Just Launched A Ton Of IRISH CREME Drinks For St. Patrick's Day

by Lia Beck
Dunkin', Remixed by Bustle

Dunkin' (no Donuts) is ready for St. Patrick's Day. To celebrate this year, the chain is bringing back a fan-favorite flavor that's especially on theme. Starting March 4, Dunkin' will have Irish Creme-flavored coffee and espresso drinks. This is the first time the flavor is returning in five years, so if you were a fan the last time around, make sure you get it while you can, since it's not sticking around forever.

On Monday, Dunkin' will begin offering the Irish Creme flavor — which the company describes as "smooth" and "velvety" — for hot, iced, and frozen coffee, and for its espresso drinks for a limited time. This means you could get Irish Creme flavor combined with one of the other espresso drink flavors on the menu. For instance, back in 2014, Dunkin' tweeted about a Mocha Irish Creme Latte.

"Dunkin' is a brand that is about bringing optimism to people when they need it most," Tony Weisman, chief marketing officer for Dunkin' U.S., says in a statement to Bustle. "St. Patrick’s Day offers a chance for fun and delight during what can be a long, cold month for many, so we like to mark the holiday in a big way with special coffee flavors and donut varieties, and bring the spirit of celebration to every day throughout March."


According to Dunkin', fans of the chain had been asking for Irish Creme to return for some time now. In fact, in 2015, reported on people tweeting their disappointment that Irish Creme was not returning that year. And, the Irish Creme drought continued until now.

"We also enjoy the chance to delight our guests with both new and returning seasonal menu items," Weisman's statement to Bustle continues. "This is our first St. Patrick’s Day as Dunkin' and we wanted to make the celebration as big and exciting as possible. What better way than to bring back one of the coffee flavors our fans have been requesting most?"


In addition to the return of Irish Creme coffee, Dunkin' will also be featuring a Mint Brownie Donut in March. The chain also had a Mint Brownie Donut in 2018 for St. Patrick's Day, but it was in the traditional circular shape. (Guess it was time to mix things up!) Last year, Dunkin' described the donut as follows: "Perfect for any St. Patrick’s Day celebration, the Mint Brownie Donut is filled with mint chocolate brownie batter-flavored buttercreme, topped with light green dipping icing sprinkled with brownie crumbles."

For those who are looking for something else minty, Dunkin' still has its Girl Scout Cookie inspired drinks, including one flavored to taste like Thin Mints. The other two are meant to taste like coconut caramel Samoas and shortbread Trefoils. These drinks will be around through the spring.

Basically, if you like your coffee to taste not a whole lot like coffee, Dunkin' has a lot of options for you right now. And donuts. No matter what the name says, there's donuts, too.