Dylan Sprouse Sells His Own Mead Now, So Your Summer Just Got Extra Suite

"Rosé all day" might be turning into "rosé possibly tomorrow, but I'll see how I feel," if Cosmopolitan can see the future. Writer Erika Trombley recently made a rather bold claim that may shake up the internet: mead is the new summer drink, and rosé is so yesterday. GASP!

Tell me more.

It all went down in an interview with known famous person Dylan Sprouse, who opened a meadery in New York City set to start selling mead this summer. Before we delve any further, though, let's back up a minute and explain what this supposed upcoming drink trend is actually about.

First, let's cover the basics: what is mead? It's not rosé, so I'm already confused. According to Eater, mead, also referred to as "honey wine," might be the oldest alcoholic drink in the world. You create it by fermenting honey with water. Simple! Similar to beer, it can be flavored, but it generally contains more alcohol. You can enjoy it still or sparkling, and it comes in various levels of sweetness.

The variety doesn't end there, says Eater. There are also a number of sub-groups. For instance, combine it with beer or brew it with hops and malt, and the taste will shift more toward something like braggot, a type of beer.

Melomel is mead with fruit, and hydromel is watered down. Let's be clear, though: while mead might share certain commonalities with other alcoholic drinks, it is unique in its own right. As Chris Webber, former president of the American Mead Makers Association, told Thrillist in a 2014 article, "Beer, wine, and spirits. I want a fourth term in there: mead."

To recap what we've learned thus far: mead. Delicious. Lots of options. Moving on!

Apparently, mead is old AF, and I do mean old. Eater claims the drink, enjoyed by the likes of ancient Greeks, Africans, and Chinese, dates as far back as 3000 BCE. The reason is simple: A) it's delicious, and B) anywhere there's honey, you can probably find mead.

Don't be fooled, though: mead may be old, but it's still got it going on. There's a reason it's been enjoyed for millennia, and it's been experiencing a sort of renaissance over the last several years. Rosé may be stealing all the headlines, but mead is there, watching, lurking, waiting, slowly creeping in and preparing to pounce — and headlines or not, people have taken notice.

Last year, Hidden Legend Winery said it's the fastest growing adult beverage, period. That's right. It's growing faster than our precious craft beer, faster than... rosé.

Yeah, I said it.

It might not be as fancy as rosé. "Mead all day" doesn't really have a nice ring to it. But make no mistake about it: people are crazy for this drink.

The boom in its popularity is evident when you see the passion for it from Sprouse, who's just 25. He started experimenting with mead years ago, telling Cosmo, "I realized that what I was making, and my personal taste preference, was very relevant to my friend group, and very relevant to new age drinkers in a lot of ways." He loved it so much, he created New York City's All-Wise Meadery, with business partners Doug Brochu and Matt Kwan. You can even preorder the first batch on their website; if you're curious about the taste, Sprouse told Cosmo, “Generally, we are viewed to be more on a crisp, dry, light body spectrum of mead."

Whether you're feeling tapped out on rosé (baha! yeah right) or you simply want to change things up, mead might be the way to go. If you look more closely, you'll probably find it being made and served all around your city. Enjoy, drink responsibly, and get ready for a fantastic summer. Cheers!