This Exclusive Clip From Dylan Sprouse's New Movie Is Scarier Than Anything You'll See On 'Riverdale'

In case you haven't noticed, Cole Sprouse's Jughead is "weird," he's "a weirdo," as he says himself on the CW's Riverdale. But, his twin brother Dylan Sprouse's new movie Dismissed looks straight-up terrifying. Seriously, he gives the Black Hood (who's currently terrifying Archie, Jughead, and the rest of the gang) a run for his money.

In the horror film, out Nov. 21 on VOD, Sprouse plays an over-achieving high schooler who will do anything to keep his perfect GPA. How far will he go, you ask? Well, in an exclusive clip for Dismissed, fittingly titled "Weird," Sprouse is proving that there's nothing scarier than a high school student who will stand for nothing less than perfection.

As the new kid in school, Sprouse's Lucas Ward is still trying to figure out his place, but luckily, he's found a new friend in Becca Vaughn (Rae Gray) and that's really all he needs. "I find my time is better spent investing in one true friendship than a hundred vapid ones," Lucas tells her, after she asks about the friends he left behind at his previous school. He says it calmly and confidently, as if he has all the answers, but it's clear, this guys is hiding something. It might even be in those Tupperware containers he packed his lunch in.

"You're kind of weird, huh?" Becca says about this teenager who makes his own highbrow school lunches. Lucas' face immediately drops and it's clear he's heard that word before and he doesn't like it. "Oh, no, I mean that as a compliment," she says, but it's hard to believe that comment won't come back to get Becca in the end. After all, Lucas' weirdness doesn't seem nearly as endearing as Jughead's — it seems psychopathic.

When Lucas shows up to his new school, he's looking to impress his teachers and he does that pretty quickly. His English teacher, played by Kent Osborne, is excited by Lucas' passion for learning and the dissertation he hands in instead of just a run-of-the-mill double-spaced essay is another sign of just how special this student is. But, when the teacher, who thinks this kid just needs a good mentor, gives Lucas a B+, he sees that there is a dangerous side to Lucas' need to achieve. "Where did you get your degree?" Lucas rudely asks his teacher, letting him know he's not impressed.

It's no surprise really that Lucas would take that less than perfect, but still nothing to sneeze at grade as a sign of failure since he knows he wants to go to Harvard "because there's no use in doing anything unless you can be the very best at it." Another sign this kid knows how to bring the drama? He says things like, "I always find a book that much more compelling when the character stands to lose everything." Definitely, watch out for this one.

But, Lucas' bad behavior, which is on full display in the Dismissed trailer, only gets worse from there. We're talking blowing up a fellow student's eyeball kind of bad. And showing up at your teacher's house to terrorize his entire family kind of bad. "I believe he's not the good kid he pretends to be," his teacher says. Oh, you think?

What exactly Lucas is though, you'll have to watch the movie to find out. Clearly, this thriller wants to keep you on your toes, as does Dylan Sprouse. This movie marks his return to film after starring alongside his twin on the Disney Channel series The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody.

Sprouse took a break from acting to attend New York University and brew some mead in Brooklyn, but now he's back and ready to go it on his own without his brother. Though, with his new movie. Sprouse might be trying out-do his his TV-starring twin — or, at the very least out-weird him.