Earth Day 2017 Freebies & Deals To Take Advantage Of This Weekend

Earth needs a lot of TLC in order to keep it healthfully spinning — which is totally and solely our responsibility. And while our main focus on the special day should be on putting our energy towards making progressive changes in the way we treat the planet, it's also just a fun day to celebrate this great place we call home. If you find yourself out and about, you may want to take advantage of Earth Day 2017 freebies and deals, especially because a lot of them are themed after your favorite planet (which is hopefully, y'know, Earth).

And to make sure that it's a happy Earth Day, there are tons of companies that are offering freebies and deals to get us even more excited about celebrating the planet. If you're looking for some suggestions for how to celebrate Earth Day beyond doing your share of planet-saving work, you might want to consider making it out to one of these stores to take advantage of their one day only deals. Just make sure you do something like volunteer with a clean up crew or learn about a new way to reduce your carbon footprint.



Citibike: In New York City only, Citibike is offering free ride passes for Earth Day only, thanks to a partnership with Master Card.

IKEA: The first 500 customers to arrive at any IKEA on Earth Day will get a free two-pack of LED sustainable lightbulbs.

EVOS: All customers will get a free organic milkshake on Earth Day.

National Parks: All national parks will be offering free entry for the entirety of Earth Day weekend.

Glass Dharma: If you've been meaning to cut out some plastic from your life, this is the perfect opportunity. On Earth Day only, you can get yourself a free, sustainable glass straw.



Kiehl's: With a purchase of $100 or more, you can get free samples, a free water bottle, or a free tote bag.

Planet Fitness: All members can get a free Earth Day hydro massage.

Target: For menswear only, you can get 25 percent off all clothes on Earth Day.

Petco: If you spend $50, you get a free $15 gift card. One day only!

Living Social: On Earth Day only, you get 20 percent off any purchase.

Groupon: Starting April 21 and ending on April 22, you can get 20 percent off local deals, 10 percent off getaways, and 10 percent off goods.

Amazon: All day, Amazon will be featuring different specials and deals for Earth Day.

American Eagle: Take an extra 50 percent off clearance items all day on Earth Day — both in stores and online.