Easy April Fools Pranks To Play In 2017 That No One Will Ever Expect


Everyone will probably take to social media to pull off an easy April Fools’ Day prank, but not you. No — you need to go all out this year; real prank and all that people will never expect. Catching your friends and family completely off guard with your silly antics. No fake pregnancy announcements or engagements on social media — only some good ol’ pranking that is bound to annoy and scare the crap out of those you love. I mean, that’s what you do on April Fools’ Day right? The bigger the prank, the more you love them. Or something like that... right? Sounds like a good enough excuse for an easy-to-execute prank to me!

However, you’re probably tired of trying the same pranks over and over and you’re looking for something completely new. The best April Fools’ Day pranks are the ones that catch your target completely off guard, something they wouldn’t expect to happen during their day. Something that probably hasn’t been seen or attempted — like “freezing” your partner’s iPhone screen or stuffing an entire room with balloons.

So if you are the type of person who thrives on April Fools’ Day, than these easy jokes are exactly what you’ll need for a perfectly plotted prank.

Add Googly Eyes To All The Photos You Can Find


Put a small piece of tape on some googly eyes and place them on all of the eyes on picture frames either at the office or at home.

Be A Box


Hide in the boxes at work for a little surprise when someone goes to grab some supplies!

Draw On Every Single Sticky Note


Draw a stick figure on every sticky note, or notepad page, on someone’s desk.

Replace Someone's Deodorant With Cream Cheese


For a smell that’s...delicious?

Dress Like Someone Else At Work


Be warned though, identity theft is real and Dwight might have something to say about it!

Tell Someone To Fix The "Leak" In The Sink


To which they will find a leek in the sink.

Fill A Room With Balloons


For a lovely, yet tragically annoying, surprise!

Make Autocorrect Shortcuts In Someone's Phone


Change common words like “yes,” “no,” and “coffee.”

Respond Only In GIFs


Even in your emails!

Rearrange Someone's Closet


Or worse, break all of their Marie Kondo methods and mix it up!

Hide A Fake Snake


A classic, but a goody.

Paint A Bar Of Soap With Clear Nail Polish


And no suds will come.

“Freeze” Their Phone


Take a screenshot of someone’s home screen. Then delete all of their apps and set the screenshot as their background.