Unique April Fools' Day Jokes To Play On Friends

If you live for practical jokes, Apr. 1 — or, April Fools' Day — is probably your favorite holiday of the whole year. And, if you're anything like me, you've likely been storing away unique April Fools' Day joke and prank ideas for months already. You probably had so many great ideas last year that you couldn't even execute them all, so now you have this rollover that you can't wait to use this year.

And, if you hate April Fools' Day because you don't like to be the butt of the joke, why not be the person who makes the joke this year? Take charge of your prankster holiday! There are so many ways to make the holiday not only fun for you, but fun for your friends, too.

Because these days, we could all use a reason to have a good laugh and an excuse to not take life so seriously. And as long as the prank or joke is tasteful, safe and not offensive, it's all in good fun. So if you've been wanting to make the most of April Fools' Day but haven't ever found the inspiration, here's a list of totally unique things to do that will surprise your friends, in the best possible way.

Cut-Out Insects

Cut them out of black construction paper, and tape them to the inside of a lamp shade, or sheer curtain. Guaranteed freak out.

Mayo Swap

I really can't imagine anything grosser than taking a big bite of something, thinking it's icing... when it's actually mayonnaise. Swap out the icing of a cookie, cupcake, or ice cream topping for mayo and serve to a friend with a good sense of humor.

OG Kitchen Hose

This easy trick is classic. Tie a rubber band around the kitchen hand-held hose so that it's in an "on" position. With a camera rolling of course, ask your victim to pour you a cup of water and watch with joy as it sprays them in the face.

Googly Eyes

Personally, I think this prank is adorable, but for the right (read: easily spooked) friend, it will totally scare the crap out of them. Buy a bag of googly eyes and glue them to everything you can. The food in their fridge. Their socks. Their papers. Go nuts.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Leave a "sorry" note on your friends car, apologizing for an accident that never happened. Watch from afar as they circle their car over and over again looking for the damage.

Mind Games

If you really have a lot of energy to put towards a good prank, pack a few outfits for work. Every hours, change into a different outfit. Make sure none of your co-workers see what you're up to. When they ask you why you keep changing, deny that you ever did and make them wonder if they're losing their mind. (But tell them the trick, eventually, before they really start to question their sanity!)

Get That Toilet Paper

There's nothing more annoying than when you're trying to pull open a new roll of toilet paper and having trouble. To make it super difficult for a friend, glue the toilet paper together entirely.