Easy Mardi Gras Cake Recipes

by Chrissa Hardy

There's nothing more classically Mardi Gras than indulging in endless plates of King Cake in every form it comes in. This is, after all, the celebration of feasting and debauchery that leads up to Lent, when you can't have anything quite as delicious for 40 days. So in order to satisfy that New Orleans-inspired sweet tooth, get ready to bake some easy Mardi Gras king cakes, and then immediately eat them all. Sharing is optional. You're basically in survival mode right now, so every person for themselves, really.

In between all the parades, bead tossing, and costume changes, you'll need to refuel with crawfish, gumbo, okra dishes, and yes, cake. Obviously, you can go the healthy route and recapture that energy through protein bars and water, but this is Mardi Gras, y'all. It's time to get weird and stuff those bellies while you can.

And there isn't only one kind of King Cake you can nibble on. Sure, there's a traditional recipe that should be followed, but you can also transform this treat into cake pops, cupcakes, donuts, and a million other delish ways to add a little variety to your cake consumption. Here are six easy-to-make Mardi Gras cakes. Enjoy!

1. Traditional Mardi Gras King Cake

Before we get into all the beautiful and decadent spins on the classic King Cake, let's start with the traditional version over at Brown-Eyed Baker. If you're able to get your mitts on some pre-made dough, you'll cut prep time way down, especially the time it takes to monitor the rise.

2. Pecan Praline King Cake Money Brea

Monkey bread is divine on its own, but adding a Mardi Gras flair to it like Bake Love Give did? I'm literally drooling over here. Luckily, this recipe provides some time-saving tricks to make it easier to throw together at the last minute.

3. King Bundt Cake

This King Bundt Cake from Brown-Eyed Baker is almost too pretty to eat. Almost. The instructions for this recipe require lots of time and prep, but if you're able to buy pre-made dough, you can cut that prep time down significantly. Once you add the frosting and Mardi Gras colors, you'll feel like you're partying in NOLA.

4. King Cake Donuts

Making one king cake is great, but making several King Cake donuts like Hummingbird High did is even better! This one might be slightly more time consuming than the others in order to get the dough just right, but it'll be so worth it because... donuts.

5. Mini Cinnamon Roll King Cakes

All you have to do with these spectacular mini cinnamon roll King Cakes from Bake Love Give is bake 'em, top with frosting, and add those colors and sprinkles. Then you are free to eat them all yourself.

6. Gluten-Free King Cake

While this is a wonderfully indulgent holiday, it's hard for celiacs and those with gluten sensitivity to partake. But with this gluten-free King Cake from Gluten-Free on a Shoestring, even they can feast until their pants bust. Such a magical time.