Thousands Of Ecstasy Tablets With Donald Trump's Face Were Found In Germany

Here's a headline you probably never thought you'd see: In Germany, police have seized a trove of ecstasy tablets in the shape of Donald Trump's face, having discovered them in a car after a traffic stop. According to The Washington Post, there were approximately 5,000 such tablets hidden in the stash of party drugs, bright orange in color.

The driver and passenger of the car were reportedly a 51-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy, identified as father and son, who had driven to Germany from the Netherlands when they were pulled over by the authorities. According to the BBC, it's believed the pills were intended to be sold online under the slogan "Trump makes partying great again." The thousands of pills are reportedly worth about $47,000 in American dollars.

While the front of each tablet shows what appears to be the 45th president of the United States's face, eyes squinting and lips in a characteristic pucker, the back makes the namesake more explicit, as each individual pill says "TRUMP" on it. Police also reportedly discovered cash stashed in the vehicle, although precisely how much is not clear ― The Guardian describes it as a "large but unspecified amount."

Needless to say, that's a pretty weird way to try to sell illicit drugs. Unless it's the case that the European party scene is secretly bursting at the seems with Trump supporters, but given Trump's deep unpopularity in Europe, and in particular with the young, that seems a little hard to believe. Perhaps this is going for a more ironic sort of appeal?

From the appearance of the pictures, they almost look like orange-flavored, Trump-themed chewable vitamins. In reality, they contain the drug MDMA, a euphoria-inducing illegal party drug. In other words, its not the sort of thing you want anybody to accidentally or inadvertently ingest without making a fully informed decision.

The father-and-son duo accused of ferrying the drugs were reportedly taken into police custody on Sunday, while the vehicle in question was seized.

There's no indication whether the 5,000 or so pills seized by German law enforcement amounts to the full amount of the Trump-themed drugs that have been produced, or whether there may be more ― their country of origin, the Netherlands, is alluded to by the letters "NL" on the back of each pill.