Ed Hardy Is Making A Comeback With Sunglasses & You'll Actually Want To Wear Them

Courtesy of Addiction Brands

The Ed Hardy tattoo aesthetic was massive in fashion in the late '90s and early '00s. But fashion is cyclical. As is the case with most trends, the once ubiquitous Ed Hardy look eventually faded. But it's back! Ed Hardy Eyewear is happening in 2018 and your inner '90s and '00s kid is going to be shook AF over these shades.

The press materials received by Bustle feature images of one pair of Ed Hardy sunglasses. These sunnies boast the brand's instantly familiar logo and style, but the overall look is updated and modern. These glasses are a bit more classic and simple than you might have been expecting.

Here's all the intel you need about the Ed Hardy shades because you are definitely going to want to own them.

Parent company Addicted Brands is launching the sunnies on their site for summer. But there plans for the shades to be available in 1,200 optical stores in the U.S. by the fall. While summer may seem like the prime time for sunglasses-wearing, there are still plenty of hours of daylight in fall and winter.

Plus, you always need to protect your eyes — and the delicate skin surrounding them — from the harsh and sometimes damaging rays of the sun regardless of the season.

The Ed Hardy sunglasses collection is also crafted with handmade acetate, giving them a premium feel.

Courtesy of Addicted Brands

Here's the first look. There are unisex styles, as well as those specifically designed for men and women. That said, you can wear any pair that works with your personal style and face shape. These black frames and the amber-toned lenses are the ultimate in understated styling. They have almost such a simple, universal, and wearable vibe. You, your boyfriend, or your bestie will look good in these.

Courtesy of Addicted Brands

The details that define the shades remain true to the Ed Hardy look, as well. The intricate koi fish that is stamped on the outer side arm of the sunglasses pays homage to a super popular tattoo design. The brand's script logo, which flows and is also very tattoo-like, also lives on the arm. Additionally, another small koi fish is printed on the inner arm, per the press materials.

Each pair will cost $250 or less and will be offered in an array of your fave silhouettes. There will be aviators, which are always a classic style that goes with anything and everything already in your closet.

There will be Ed Hardy cat eye frames, since those remain a popular and beloved shape. Round and square fames are also part of the EH range, as is a steampunk pair.

The entire collection will be sold via the Addicted Brands site by the summer. So if you want to update your shades wardrobe sooner than later, have an insatiable fondness for '00s nostalgia, and rocked Ed Hardy pieces during their heyday, this assortment of sunnies will speak to you.

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In case you need a visual refresher on the "Ed Hardy look," here's a previous swimsuit collection.

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Ed Hardy truly rocks a bold and colorful aesthetic. It's also one that '00s kids remember so well!

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If you are not familiar with Addicted Brands, let's remedy that. It's a new eyewear brand whose goal is to provide a selection of high-quality glasses and sunglasses for men and women at a reasonable price. So if sunnies are your favorite accessory, you would be wise to get acquainted with Addicted Brands on the quick.

What's old-ish is always new-ish again! Remember when Kylie Jenner was making '00s-loved brand Von Dutch a thing again two years ago? It was only a matter of time before Ed Hardy mounted its comeback.

Bring on the entire Ed Hardy shades collection!