Ed Sheeran Reacts To His Lookalike Baby

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you haven't heard, there is a baby out there who happens to look exactly like Ed Sheeran. Her name is Isla, she's two, and she somehow has an uncanny resemblance to the British singer. Well, the time has finally come for Sheeran to respond. While chatting with Good Morning Britain Wednesday, Ed Sheeran reacted to the Ed Sheeran lookalike baby. His response his exactly what you'd expect — it's both hilarious and super sweet.

At first, the "Shape of You" singer jokingly declared, "She's not mine. She's not mine!" Actually, Isla belongs to Zoe Walton from Exeter, Devon, England who told BuzzFeed in March, "I did get comments from our family that she looks like Ed for a while, but only last week did we decide to put [the photo] online."

Somehow, a Twitter user stumbled upon Isla's photo (who Walton doesn't know), tweeted it, and wrote, "Why does this baby look more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran does?" From that moment on, the image went viral and most everyone couldn't believe how much Isla looks like Sheeran.

As for the photo becoming a trending topic, the "Castle on the Hill" singer said, "It's mad the kind of things that go viral." When a baby just happens to resemble Sheeran, of course it's going to go viral.

The adorable red-headed Isla, who is now famous also, got Sheeran talking to Good Morning Britain about having his own kids at some point in the future. "I don't want to be touring when I have kids, I want to be like nipping out every now and then and being able to actually be a father, so yeah, I think I would definitely love kids." He added, "I would definitely love all of the kids in the world, but I don't want to have them right now."

I mean, how sweet is that response right there? It's not like this is the first time Sheeran has opened up about becoming a dad, but whenever he does, it makes me swoon.

As he told Zane Lowe for Beats 1/Apple Music in January, "I wanted to be a dad, like, last year. I'm ready, let's go — tour bus babies, little fat, chubby babies that just walk around." He also noted in that interview that he will take time off once he has kids. "When they hit four or five and start primary school, I'm just out. I think [Bruce] Springsteen took an extended break when his kids went to school. I think that's going to be me. I want to set up a little studio in the countryside and have new artists come down."

Becoming a father seems to be a ways away for Sheeran, but everyone now knows who at least one of his kids will probably look like — Isla.